Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reflections: Parka: Who am I?

Good morning puppy raisers everywhere,

Now everyone, please take a moment and just look into my eyes. What do you see? Can you tell all about me?

This picture taken late in February as I was preparing to complete my final month with Becki and the Limberg gang. I was a little sad knowing that my time with them would be ending soon, but I knew that I had a higher calling and the Limbergs have been preparing me for that next adventure in my life.

This is what Becki shared about me: Parka is a confident pup and a willing worker. (As long as I get fed!) She did very well accompanying me on hectic days. (You guys should knnow that this woman is busy all the time! I think I know Seattle better than any guide dog.)

When left at home in her crate, Parka is so quiet and patient until I return. (I really felt like a caged lion, but I did not want her to know.) If Parka is loose in the house and asleep, Parka will woof if someone comes to the door and knocks or somebody new enters the home. (Woof? Heh, I'm letting everyone know that danger could be near! I think I was a guard dog in my previous life.)

Parka does not bark when on leash or if she is awake when a new sound is hear. (Just look into my eyes, don't I just look like a little angel?) Parka is good loose in the house with some supervision. (Heh, Becki could you give Dad a call and share this with him? He keeps me tied down like a thief?)

She plays roughly with the family dogs and will need lots of supervision. (Well, in my new home, this Cuzzie is queen and I'm not about to mess with her. When she bares those teeth, I keep my distance!) She gets excited when introduced to new places, but settles quickly and is very good around children. (Heck, I LOVE children! Do you have any idea how much food they drop? Kids are a bonanza!)

Parka socialized well with the family dogs and a cat. (That cat thought she owned the place. I kept my distance from her, she had very sharp claws.) She did very well on my many shopping trips, visiting restaurants, malls, riding buses, even trips to the beauty salon. (Let me tell you. This woman can shop. I think she defined the term "shop until you drop!" She had my tongue hanging out. I was pooped! And then the beauty salon....that was my favorite place. All these pretty ladies and I was one of them. I felt like a real princess. They always wanted to paint my toe nails. You know, I think pink would look best with black. What do you think?)

OK, I admit it, I'm HOT! A real good looking beauty. I can't help it. It came natural. Well, Becki said I was confident. You think?

Much love to all puppy raisers. Your time and trouble and effort is well worth it.

Hugs and Licks, Parka

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