Thursday, December 11, 2008

Puppy Raiser Becky in Boring!

Good morning Limbergs,

I am SO EXCITED! Dad just told me that Becky Limberg, her Mom and two daughters, will be attending our graduation on Saturday! This is SO COOL!

It was just last April that I saw them last when they dropped me off at the puppy truck. I was SO SAD to be in that cage and watching them wave as the truck pulled away. I kept telling myself, "This is not fair! We need to start a puppy union so we can VOTE on this!"

Anyway, it will be great to see everyone again at our graduation this Saturday, Dec. 13 at 1:30 PM. Dad said that we get to meet all of them before that. Plus, my foster parents, Sarah and uh, I forget. Also, VERY COOL!

Yesterday, I showed off my stuff during the clicker workshop. Dad blind folded himself, I guess so he could not see the great work I was doing. He showed me this pole and did a lot of clicking and what was important was, I got more kibble by just touching that pole or his hand. Such a deal!

That was easy stuff. In the afternoon, we went to the Zoo. I really did not want to see those BIG cats and we didn't. Whew!

We were there to take the fast elevator to the ground level in a tunnel for work on a light rail train platform that was four feet off the ground. I'm not scared of those big machines - I know to keep my distance!

Dad also practiced going through a cafeteria line at lunch. They picked up pizza while I was a good little girl on heel. Dad was a glutton and we had to go back again to get a second piece. I'm going to tell Cuzzie. No, better - I'm going to tell mom!

Cuzzie, that's my new sister that is at home in Denver waiting for my arrival. I wonder what she is like? She looks cute in the picture below, but I hope she knows that I will be the BOSS of the house!

I'm excited about this weekend. Graduation Saturday, then to my new home in Denver on Sunday. My name sure fits going home to snow! I hear there's a storm due the same day I am - YAHOO!

Love to all,



Zane said...

Dear Parka

Well the big day has finally arrived. Graduation is an important event, both for you and your puppy raisers. I remember that day quite well as everybody was so proud of me, just like they are with you now. I'm so glad your puppy raisers are going to get to see you one more time before you go to that big deep freeze called Colorado. I just heard on the news there is a big storm in the Portland area...sure hope it doesn't interfere with the big day.

Keep up the good work and make everybody proud. And have a great flight back to Denver where your new family is so eager to meet you and to see Dad again.

I'm so proud of both of you I could just bark loudly, but that's not allowed, is it? Well, I've got to get back on guard duty so I'll get another treat.

Oh, I got a good brushing today and Gary got out about a quart of black hair. I can send it to you if your Parka needs a little more filler in Denver! I'll bet Claudia hopes you don't shed as much as I did.

Love to all and give Richard and your puppy raisers some big sloppy ones. Oh yea, happy birthday.

NOTE: Please don't let Princess Coral know I've been writing you...she might get the wrong idea.


Zane Train Part 2 - "Parka" said...


Heh, what's thhis about Colorado? A deep freeze? I have not heard anything about that? I thought I was going back to the Seattle area and lots of rain and fog and really sloppy, but nice weather? Snow? I'm not sure I really like snow?

Also, you just tell that Princess Coral that I may be younger, but I'm a real spark plug. Wathc out for the Parka Express!

Yes, graduation day is here and I'm really excited. I heard that my puppy raiser will be here and I'll be so happy to see them again.

Much love and licks,
Miss Parka