Friday, December 26, 2008

Ahhhhhhhh! This is the good life!

Good morning, my fellow guide dogs "career-changed,"

Ahhhh, basking in the winter sun in southern California. This is the life. I recall all that hard work while I was a puppy in training with the Johnpeers telling me not to do this and not to do that. I had to learn to sit and stay, not chew on the furniture, not jump into bed, not eat everything in sight, stay away from the socks (oh how I love socks!), just about anything I really wanted to do was a BAD idea.

Are you a career-changed guide dog? I hope you are having as much fun as I am. I get to play with this other puppy-in-training named Sayer and we battle over chew toys and plastic pipe and affection. BUT Sayer has to obey all those rules that I used to have to obey.

Ahhhhhhh, this is the life!

But it seems that I am still being taught commands. Can you believe it? The latest command that I have been taught is UP. Now that seems quite harmless right? Does that means I can jump UP on people? No. Does that means I can jump UP on the counter to rummage for more food? No. Maybe it means that I can jump UP on the couch and stretch out? No, but guess what, I do that now anyway, especially when no one is home.

This UP command is strictly enforced about my getting into bed!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, this is the life.

But Gary wanted to make sure this was clear so he said, "Some clarification is needed with regards to Zane's bed-sleeping habit. You see, technically Zane is only there for a couple hours each night and maybe an hour each morning so he really isn't breaking the rules that badly."

Hmmmmmm, not breaking the rules that badly. Maybe, those rules that I learned as a pup are not as black and white as I thought they were? They are subject to some form of interpretation? I think guide dogs should maybe unionize and get one of those stinking lawyers to represent us. Yeah, I think his name is bad, bad, Leroy Brown!

Gary went on, "You see, Vicki usually retires before I do and when I go to up to bed there's usually a big black furry object in my spot. I guess he thinks he's warming up my spot, which he certainly does. But once I push him over (closer to Vicki who is already on the edge) so I can crawl in, he usually gets disgusted and jumps out of bed, onto the floor, and crawls into the cubby-hole of Vickie's office desk next to the bed where he spends the night."

OK, I'm a bed warmer now. Are you kidding? I was fast asleep when you go and push me over and then I don't have room to sprawl out on the bed. You know, this is just not right!

Gary continued, "Lately in the mornings, when he wants to get up for breakfast about 5:30 AM, he will begin to nuzzle Vicki, who has been heard to give a new command "Zane - UP". He then jumps up onto the bed and again snuggles between us, but he's obviously more interested in getting us woken up than going back to sleep (he has food on his mind by this time). He is a skilled rooster in some ways."

Well, there you go. The new command, UP. Of course, when I was back in Colorado, Dad never let me jump up on the bed. And he always got up by 6:00 AM to feed me. I miss the good ole days. But, at least, Gary does get up and feed me good. In fact, I think I'm getting a little fat and lazy.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, this is the good life.


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Emily and the Labradors said...

Hi Zane- I'm a career changed guide too! I just got my new career in October after working for less than a year... I guess it just wasn't for me! I have been trying very hard to follow all the rules but just recently my mom (new and old, but not middle) started trying to to get me up on the bed. I was refusing because I didn't want to get in trouble, but my silly sister took the invitation without hesitation. I envy her confidence and free spiritedness. But we've been at my auntie's house for the holidays and my mom has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor... well, it looked a lot like a big dog bed, so surely it wouldn't hurt if I tired getting on it, right? Well, I went ahead and tried it, and it was fabulous! Me, Mom, and my annoying little sister all curled up together. Just thinking about it makes me look forward to going to bed though! I bet is is just a matter of time before you are spending the whole night there. It is winter and they are going to need your warmth to survive! Or at least that is what my mom says to justify breaking the rules...

Take care buddy! Your friend, Ellis

P.S. I hear you on that food thing... I am programed to eat at 6... mom however is programmed to sleep in as late as she is allowed, which is different on different days. Talk about confusing! Yesterday my stomach was growling so loud that she finally got up... it was after 9! Can you believe the torture she puts me though? I miss my middle mom and the regular meal times, but I don't really miss the stress of that job!