Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Parka in Portland - Lloyd's

Good morning my new friends,

Dad and I went to Portland for the first time yesterday. We worked from the bus and did a very nice neighborhood area called Lloyds. Dad asked if it was related to Lloyds of London, but they said no, there was not enough "bobbys" around.

We walked from the bus along busy neighborhood walk ways and ended up at a Safeway. I had to negotiate around a lot of shopping carts which had Dad really wondering where I was going, but Coach Jaymin told him to "stay with her."

We entered the store and Dad practiced his "moving turn" commands. I'm not sure if he meant to go down some of the narrow aisles that he chose, but we made our way through. I think he was just trying to present some new challenges for me. Of course, I'm a slick chick and I just powered our way through without a mistake.

We ended up at the wine area. He kept showing me this red wine and kept asking me to remember it, like I was going to bring him back here again. I don't think so.

We made our way out and back to the bus. Dad asked Belva, the nurse, if she would get him a Five Bucks coffee. (That's what Steve calls Starbucks.) She got some coffee for several of the students. Dad got an Egg Nogg Latte and others got Pumpkin Spice Steamers.

In the afternoon, we did a bus-to-lounge walk, which was pretty easy for me since I've done it a few times. Some of the streets in Gresham require a zig-zig at Main Street. We did that well and just rocked on to the lounge. Dad kept wanting to detour to Jazzie's. We still have not made it.

Later in the day, Dad got a cane tour of the Oregon Trail and then came back and got me and I led him through the Trail. It's a very wooded area with lots of zigs and zags, but it was "duck soup" for me. You know, we have lots of Oregon Ducks here.

I'm looking forward to today. We're doing some mall work, escalators, buses and trains. Woo Hoo!

Lots of puppy love to all,



Becky said...

Reading your post brings back great memories of training in Portland. Sounds like it is going well - so happy for you both!

Sweet innocent Zane said...

Dear Parka

Looks like you and Richard are hitting it off quite well. I knew you would! Keep him away from the wine aisle at the stores though....he has lots of difficulty walking straight when he gets too much of that.

All is well with me. It's four thirty right now so Sayer and I are starting to tease Dad for supper. Dad teaches at college tonite so we get to eat a little early.

How is it going with the treats? I know you aren't supposed to beg but I'll bet you are getting lots of good treats for following all those commands. I'm sure YOM and Grandma and Cuzzie are getting very anxious to meet you. And I'll bet your Dads work is piling up a the office too! He's so lucky to have such an understanding boss that lets him suffer through all those massages and fancy meals in Boring! Life sure sounds tough there.

Keep those messages coming...I check for new ones several times a day!


Dear old sweet innocent Zane

Princess Coral said...

Hey Parka,

Those shopping carts are evil aren't they!!! They are everywhere in my neighborhood because there are too many stores around... Wait till you go home with your new dad! There won't be anyone telling Dad to follow you, and sometimes, humans forget about their defective eyes & nudge us hard-working dogs to "hop up!" You know, most of the time, there's a reason for sudden stops and zigzags! I sometimes have to remind Nikki to follow me!

Oh, wanna know more fun? The You-Must-Remember list gets longer & looooonger.... So to get back at Nikki, I take her to the dog food/treat isle whenever we go to a grocery store!

Good luck with the rest of your class:)

Zane Train Part 2 - "Parka" said...


I have heard you are well trained and Becky is a great lady. Thanks for the encouragement!

Miss Parka

Zane & Coral,

I just want to know if you like your women "fast or slow?" I am one fast, racy, chick so if you like a wild ride, I'm your gal. Coral, I'm going to have to come to San Diego one of these days to check you out! I heard Nikki is a real nice lady, but I have to keep an eye on you.

I am very proud to be carrying on the legacy of the Zane Train. Guide Dogs Unite!

Love to all, Parka Porsche