Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Time Past - Shop-Hopping!

Good morning from freezing Colorado,

As I lay here beside Dad's feet, I hear him talking to people and wishing them a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I just finished my breakfast, a heaping cup of kibble, my favorite - lamb and rice. Yuuummmmmm!

As Dad woke up this morning, I was giving him some "paw prints" on his hand and leg as I encouraged him to get his butt up out of bed. Didn't he know it was 6:00 AM and time for me to eat?

He finally got the picture and for the first time since I've been here, Dad just unhooked me. I can't figure out why? I was just doing some BIG, BODY WAGS and slapping my tail onto the wall and bed.

Hey, I was excited! Yep, he unhooked me and ZOOM down the stairs I went like a pointer dog, pointing right at my bucket of food.

Now that I lay here reflecting on my past, I recall some very fond memories of last Christmas as I turned one year old in Seattle at the Limberg home. This is what I call "shop-hopping!"

I recall last year's Christmas with Becki and the gang and how crazy busy Becki seemed to be. I don't know if this is normal for her, but "Geeeezzzz," we seemed to just go everywhere especially that time of the year.

Ms. Becki, Ashley and Caitlin would be shopping, sending Christmas cards, wrapping gifts (I know there was one with my name on it!) and planning meals for the family (including lamb & rice?) and cleaning the house. You know, I did not like that vacuum cleaner. It made so much noise, I just wanted to go hide.

But what was so inspiring to me was ALL of charities that Becki was participating in. I can tell now that I'm with Dad and the Foundation Fighting Blindness, how important this training was for me. I got to see what a difference Becki was making for so many people. Now I listen to Dad as he is helping others and planning strategies to create even more programs that will benefit so many people. I can tell that I'm a real "service dog!"

Even though Ms. Becki was very busy this time of year, she always had time to take care of her parents that needed help every day. It was so great to see Nani "grandma" again. I hope "grandpa" is doing good, too!

I heard that Nanni was doing "snow angels" in the most recent snow in Seattle. What in the world is that young lady of 87 doing that for? She is such a spry, young 87 with lots of life and love to give. I really miss her!

But now back to "sho-hopping." Ms. Becki drug me through the malls, grocery stores, post office, appointments at so many of her charity events, etc. etc. She kept me jumping in and out of the back of her car all day long. I know this is supposed to be a FUN time of year for humans, but I felt like a pogo-stick, bouncing in and out of the car, and hopping into the back of that SUV is not an easy thing!

Ms. Becki kept saying to me, "Just one more stop, Parka. I promise we are going home soon." Just one more stop. Yeah sure, that's what I was thinking. All I could think about was getting home so I could do my favorite thing in the world! If you are a LAB, you know what I mean. EAT!

Dad tells me that Becki now has another puppy in training and to be grateful that I'm not being dragged around like I'm sure that pup is. I wonder what her name is? Maybe I should give her a call and let her know to be patient.

Look at the great job that the Limbergs did with me and where I am today! I have a great home with Dad, Claudia and Grandma. There is light at the end of the tunnel of the shopping train!

Besides, I'm the Parka Express and I can see why I'm such an express train! Just keeping up with Becki taught me to move quickly.

But you know, despite all of the hustle and bustle of this time of year, I really enjoy the happiness and love that is in the air and I get to sit on my haunches and give lots of "chipmunk love" to all my friends and family. Getting a belly rub while I'm sitting up like that is SO gratifying. It's kind of "Parka-licious!"

Love to all with lots of licks and paw-paws,

Miss Parka

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