Sunday, August 28, 2011

Margaret Faubion Ibison

Maragret Faubion Ibison
Nov 21, 1921 - Aug 10, 2011

   We are sorry to report that Richard's mom passed away on August 10th from bone cancer. She had been in hospice for two months and had received wonderful care and pain relief.

   Margaret loved dogs and had several Chihuahuas in her lifetime. But she also loved both Zane and Parka, as well as our other little Peeka-Boo, Cuzzie.

   We were amazed to see Parka just get into bed with Margaret when she was in hospice and lie quietly next to her t be petted. This gave Mom a lot of comfort and Parka seemed to do it naturally.

   We loved her very much, will miss her spunk and spirit but will continue to be inspired by it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Parka - ALSO A Therapy Dog

Parka jumped into bed with Richard's mom
and just let mom pet her.

Dear Zane,

Wanted you to know that I, too, can be a therapy dog!

Richard's mother went into hospice for cancer a few weeks ago and we visit her often.

I decided on my own that it was OK to jump into bed with her and snuggle.

She loves it!

So, someday, when I cannot guide Richard anymore, I, too, can have another career as a therapy dog,
just like you . . .  my hero.


Miss Parka

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hello friends, fans and that handsome dude, Zane,

   Didn't want to wait to let you know I went to the Vet today for a blood test and check up.    All is perfectly normal again! NO liver issues or nothin'! I AM 100% A OKAY!

   Richard and I just got back yesterday from a week in Dallas and Houston where I was, as usual, the main attraction.

   But it was so good to be back home late yesterday afternoon that as soon as I had my dinner, I went right into my cage and laid down on my nice soft pilla and took a nap.

   Well, gotta . . .  there's a nice puddle of warm sunshine coming in the sliding glass door of Richard's office . . . I just LOVE those sun bathes!

Love to all, and especially you, Zane,

Miss Parka