Monday, December 1, 2008

First Ever Vido - Parka & Richard!

Here's . . . .Parka!


raiserally said...

Parka's sister, Paulina, was raised in the local Guide Dog club and they look very similar! Although Paulina is a light yellow their faces are similar. Paulina is now a breeder and it's so good to see Parka is now your new guide! I hope you guys do well together and have many years together ahead of you

Megan, Fullerton and Spanky said...

Aww. . . Richard, she is adorable. Happy trails to you and Parka.

Zane said...

Dear Parka

Gosh, you're sure a pretty girl! And your new "dad" is sure a handsome guy. What a perfect team you are going to be.

You've probably been told that I was his first guide dog and so I know what you're going through right now. Try to forgive Richard when he steps on your feet...he is in training too; just as you are. He certainly doesn't do it on purpose, although I know it can be annoying at times. After all, what would he do if you stepped on his feet all the time?

I can't wait to hear more about you; such as who raised you and who your parents are. But mostly, I can't wait to hear about your upcoming adventures and places you'll go with Richard. I know he is a fast walker so I think it's funny that they picked a dog for him that can even walk faster at times.

He usually keeps the treats in his right pocket but he is a little stingy about giving them out easily. You'll have to do something good to get one but that's not hard at all. Sometimes I even got one just for being "me". It's his way of saying "I love you". Let me know when you start getting freebies.

You are going into one the most loving families I know of where you'll fill a big role in all their lives, but of course, especially Richards. I'm sure all Richards friends at work just can't wait to meet you too. I still feel a part of their family although I'm now back with my puppy raisers working as a guard dog and a lap dog (both very important jobs I'm told).

About the rain and snow: We don't get much of that stuff here in southern California. Before I met Richard I had only seen it rain once and had never seen snow. But since you were raised in eastern Oregon (???) I assume you know what that stuff is like. At least you're black and they will be able to find you in the snow banks!

Keep up the good work and enjoy the training you are getting from this wonderful organization (GDB). Give Richard lots of big wet juicy licks from all of his followers; especially ME!



Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Ahh Parka is beautiful! :) Good luck on the rest of your training together.