Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hello friends, fans and that handsome dude, Zane,

   Didn't want to wait to let you know I went to the Vet today for a blood test and check up.    All is perfectly normal again! NO liver issues or nothin'! I AM 100% A OKAY!

   Richard and I just got back yesterday from a week in Dallas and Houston where I was, as usual, the main attraction.

   But it was so good to be back home late yesterday afternoon that as soon as I had my dinner, I went right into my cage and laid down on my nice soft pilla and took a nap.

   Well, gotta . . .  there's a nice puddle of warm sunshine coming in the sliding glass door of Richard's office . . . I just LOVE those sun bathes!

Love to all, and especially you, Zane,

Miss Parka

Monday, March 7, 2011

Back in the saddle again . . . and headin' to Texas . . . Again!

   Thought y'all would like to know that I'm doin' right good and am headin' out to Texas today for the week with Richard.

   Am practicin' my Texas drawl for y'all . . . OK, this is HARD! After all, I'm from SEATTLE, people!

   Well, I wanted you to know I am back to my usual high jinks of trying to eat dirt out of mom's potted geraniums (she stuffed crumpled up copy paper in the pots when she caught me - darn!), eating used tissues (if mom misses her bedroom waste basket, I try to scoop one up, but she's so fast she caught me with the tiniest bit of white hanging out of my mouth!) and hanging around in a predatory way while Cuzzie eats so I can "pre-wash" her food bowl if she doesn't finish her food (this is how I get even for when she tries to keep me from coming out of my cage or coming around the corner of the couch in the living room to cuddle with dad!).

   The best sign that I have returned to normal is that my back end is in high gear when mom or dad call me for whatever reason. They nick named me "Miss Wiggle Bottom". How embarrassing!

   I have to go back to the Vet this Saturday for more blood tests to make sure my recovery is complete . . .  piece of cake!

   Oh boy, would I like a piece of cake . . .  I'll see what I can "Hoover" on the airplane!

Lots of Love,

Miss Parka