Thursday, December 25, 2008

Zane's Wish for Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my friends,

I'm listening to a Josh Groven song, "when it seems we have lost our way, we find ourselves again on Christmas Day!" The song is called "Believe or If you just Believe." My former partner, Richard, really likes this song. The message is clear, if you just believe, your faith will carry you through even the toughest times.

I really miss Richard. We had so many great times together, especially playing Kong. I loved leaping high to snatch the Kong out of the air. I remember cuddling by him as we watched TV. I remember fighting Cuzzie for the Nyla-bone. Or should I say jousting, Cuzzie usually got it away from me if I dropped it for just a moment. I'm amazed that little dog has such balls, and she's a female?

I remember Richard calling last Thanksgiving and Katie put the phone near my head and Richard called out to me in the way he always had done, "Where's my buddy?" I remember looking all around the Johnpeer house thinking that maybe he is there and has come back for me. But soon I realized, it was just a dream.

Gary, my puppy-raiser Dad, is really taking good care of me. I really LOVE it here in sunny, southern California. I can't believe that I really don't miss the SNOW, but I will probably change my mind on that when it gets really HOT in the summer. Maybe I can visit Colorado sometime? Who knows.

I want to wish everyone in the Johnpeer family, Gary, Vicki, Kim and Katie a very merry Christmas and thank you so much for taking me back into your home and giving me so much LOVE. Christmas is family time and I love my family here in Brea.

I want to wish a very, merry Christmas to Richard, Claudia, Grandma and Cuzzie. Yes, even that little queen of the castle that I have read about. I know you guys will have a wonderful white Christmas! I wish I could be with you, but know that my hugs, kisses and frog dogs are sent fondly to you.

Merry Christmas to Miss Parka! You have a BIG job ahead of you. You have to keep Dad safe from those crazy drivers in Denver, ride quietly and confidently on airplanes, negotiate the crowds at airports and malls and listen carefully as he barks out those commands. Just remember, sometimes, he gets confused and tells you to do the wrong thing. Remember, intelligent disobedience, was crafted for just those moments!

Eat lots of kibble today and doggie treats! It's Christmas time! Celebrate!

Love, Zane

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Princess Coral said...

Dear my Prince Zane,

Thank you so much for your Christmas present, a real doggie cookie!!! Nikki actually gave me a cookie, not kibble bits, and told me that it was from Prince Zane:) I also got a squeaky toy; you know one of those stuffed ones that we shouldn't play with! Being a dainty princess, I do fine with it! But I can't play with a soft toy often because of that psycho Banzai!
Did you have a wet Christmas too? Sun is finally back here! Yay!

Yes, it's only 90 miles! Maybe next year, you will learn to drive & come kidnap me!!! What do you think???