Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reflections: Graduation Day to Merry Christmas!

Hello friends & family,

This is such a special time of year! When I walk past all the houses at night, they are all lit up with lots of lights and ornaments and fancy displays outside the houses.

Inside our house, there is a really pretty white Christmas tree with lights and ornaments. I can just feel the warmth and love in the air.

It was just a few short days ago when I graduated from guide dog school. That was such a joyous occasion with all the Limberg family there to help celebrate my new partnership with Dad.

We are really starting to work together really well. He likes to slow me down a lot, but with all the snow and ice, I guess that's a good idea. He does tend to slip a little every now and then.

This picture shows all of us at graduation in the Fireplace Room at the Boring campus. Becki, my YOM, and her lovely daughters, Ashley and Caitlin. It was Ashley's 22nd birthday that day. I really felt honored that she would celebrate her birthday at my graduation. I did give her a little present, a small puppy that looks like me!

I just read a Merry Christmas wish from my new pen pal, Princess Coral. She seems like a pretty nice gal. I hope I get to meet her someday soon. I want to wish everyone the same Merry Christmas and the best of holiday celebrations with your family.

My new family, Claudia, Grandma, Cuzzie (ugh) and Dad really treat me so well. Dad even fed me early today since we came home early for Christmas Eve. Dad is listening to beautiful Christmas music right now while I write this story and sometimes he breaks out into song and it's hard to type when I'm using one paw to cover my ears!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to my fellow guide dogs, puppies and their partners and families,

Miss Parka - The Parka Express!

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Princess Coral said...

Dear my new friend, Miss Parka, the Snow Express!

Congrats on joining such a wonderful family! Sounds like your holidays are filled with lots of warmth, love & fun, even with the queen of the castle!!! HaHaHa... I can totally relate to it because of Wanna-be King Banzai! Let's get together soon and make a plan to take over the castles! We can't let the little ones rule!!! HaHaHa, just kidding! But for reals, reunion would be wonderful! I'd get to meet you and everyone else that I always hear about!

Have a wonderful new year,

Your friend from sunny CA