Monday, December 22, 2008

Queen of the Castle!

Miss Parka,

Good afternoon, new invader to my Queendom. I just wanted to set things straight, since it seems like you are going to stay a little while longer.

You may not recall another black dude, named Zane. Yes, he came here for a while and tried to push his way around, but he only lasted a few months. A lot longer than I really thought he would.

I let him know that it was OK for him to share part of my space, but I made sure that he knew that I was "Queen of this Castle!"

So honey, I know that you are a cute thang. . . I'm from southern Colorado! But cute may get you a few belly rubs and scritches on the head, but when it comes to taking over this castle, there ain't no way, honey. I'm the queen and you just got to know that. OK?

Dad is a really nice guy and I sleep in the bed with Mom and him every night. You've already learned that and fortunately know that your place is on the floor at the foot of the bed. A couple of times in the morning, you have gotten a little anxious to go downstairs and started being frisky with Dad and I had to growl and set you straight. I hope you are getting the message!

Mom took this picture over the weekend after Dad gave me a bath. I really don't like baths, but I do come out looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. He clipped me around my face. Can you believe that? A blind guy is cutting my hair?! What's up with this anyway? But I do look pretty cute despite his wayward clipping.

So, just keep in mind that Cuzzie is Queen of the Castle and you could be say, my princess, if you like. That way you could serve me at my every whim. You know, I take your bone away whenever I want to chew on it. I'm glad you got that p -mail.

I'll let you hang a little while longer. I do notice that Dad uses you for some form of transportation. I'm glad that he does not put one of those harnesses on me!

I know you were giving me some kisses over the weekend. I know that you want to "kiss up" to me, but it's not going to work. I'm an old dog and I'm set in my ways. So keep your nose clean and I'll tell Dad that it's OK for you to stay a little longer.

With a little growl and a little teeth,

Queen of the Catle,


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