Friday, December 5, 2008

Portland - Malls, Buildings & More

Whhhhewwwww, what a week!

I am really pooped. We have been SO BUSY, I have just not had time to keep everyone updated on our adventures. I will try to do that in this recap of the last three days.

Wednesday: We went to Klackamus Mall in SE Portland and I strutted my stuff on escalators. You should have seen me set us up in position just before the moving stairs, then on command we hopped on and I planted my feet on the first stairs. Dad could not believe it.

Then I just walked off gracefully . . . of course! I heard the Zane Train used to dance off the end of an escalator, which I'm sure was comical and classic, but you have to remember, I'm a lady.

In the afternoon we rode the light rail for several miles. What was cool was that I stood within about six inches of a light rail train as it passed and did not flinch. Wow, was Dad surprised!

We got off and took a bus back to the Gresham Town Center, then walked back to the lounge. On the way, we did some "side-walk-less" streets.

Dad has several of those at home, I have heard. I am a perfect 10 at "side-walk-less." When we start along the street and stop, I do an immediate 90 degree turn and look at Dad and say, "OK, what's next?" This is my masterpiece of work . . . ahem.

I did walk him into a traffic barricade, though, and had to rework that, but I thought he was being a little snotty, so I took care of that!

Thursday: We rode to Portland and did the downtown Pioneer Plaza with those stupid booties on. Oh, I hate those things. I would not go down during obedience. I hate those things! They did protect my feet during the escalator trips, but ugh, they are a nuisance.

Santa was playing his saxophone for money, but I had none to give him. Ho! Ho! Ho!

In the afternoon, Dad did a "free lance" from the lounge to Jazzie's Bagels, had some coffee and a cinnamon roll. Gosh, he sure likes sweets! I think he needed the energy, because we had a night route as well.

In the evening, we worked from the lounge to Powell along Main, etc. all over the place. I did a perfect job, well, except for one time that I ran his hand into a wall. Our coach, Jenny, told Dad about the right hand slap on the leg to let me know that I was getting him too close. Cool beans!

We were both exhausted and slept like babies that night.

Friday: We went to Portland again and did City Hall stairs both up and down and I showed off my skills at hitting the top stair spot on. The glass elevators were very cute because that allowed everyone to see me and how cute I looked.

We passed through many crowds, just did a great job and made our way back to the bus.

The afternoon route was another free lance adventure to Jazzie's. You guessed it! Dad got coffee and a sweet roll again. Dad is really learning to speak a little slower and softer so I am really starting to relax with him. Sometimes I have worked so fast that now he's calling me "Parka Porsche!"

After a dinner of Prime Rib and Cornish Game Hen and three desserts, Dad crashed into bed and so did I. Hurrah, a weekend of rest?

Our team work is starting to show. What a guy!

Love to all,

Parka Porche


Guard dog Zane said...


Sounds like your giving your Dad a pretty good run for his money! Even though you're smaller than me, it sounds like you're really going to be a tough lady. I'll bet you're puppy raisers aren't at all surprised at you're abilities to learn so fast, and I'll bet they're very proud of you too. Just think...once Richard gets trained you'll get to go with him to Colorado and start your new life there. So exciting, isn't it?

Tell Dad to take the time to relax a bit....he doesn't need to come down with a cold or anything that could ruin his last week of training. Too bad he won't let you curl up in bed with him (not that I ever would do such a thing, but just an idea).

I'll bet you're getting lots of treats for all your good work. Does Richard still keep them in his right-side pocket or are they in his jacket pocket?

I got to go to a going-away party today for a friend of Dads. Sayer had to stay home but he did fine alone. All the people at the office just petted me all over and made a big fuss; kind of like they used to do at FFB. I wanted so bad to lick them but Dad said no. I sucked it all up while it lasted though. Tonite I saw Mom and Dad bring home two new bags of dog food, but I prefer treats which I don't get as often as I used to because Sayer can't get them and it wouldn't be fair to eat them when he can't.

I'm so proud of you and Richard and sure hope we soon get a chance to meet. And the whole family here in Brea, CA wants to see Richard and his family again; especially ME.

PS: When does Richard get to talk to your puppy raisers?

Till later,

Guard dog Zane

Zane Train Part 2 - "Parka" said...


You are such a great dog. I really miss you! It's good to hear that you are so well-loved everywhere you go. You are a chick magnet!

Parka is a totally different type of dog, but I know she would love meeting you.

In fact, she wants to tell you something:

"Zane, I have heard a lot about you. You sound like quite a hunk and I love your frog dog. I can just inagine those paws around me. It makes me want to shake my booty which I do real well according to Dad. I look forward to meeting you. And tell that hussy, Princess Coral, to mind her own business!"

Till later Zane, Dad

Princess Coral said...

Hey Parka,

Sounds like you're one brilliant guide! However, I have chosen Zane as my Prince before you! So you need to seek elsewhere!

P.S. Is Dad singing you those Xmas carrolls?