Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zane - Therapy Dog Deluxe!

Hi everyone!
Richard, Claudia, Parka and CuzzieHey there folks; it's Zane again. It's been a while since I've had access to the computer but since Gary and Vicki left for the store a while ago and forgot to turn off the computer, I'll take advantage of the opportunity to play catch up.As you know, my new career as a therapy dog started about three months ago. I work at a place called University of California Irvine Medical Center which is a pretty big hospital with lots of specialty areas. I work in two areas, one is called the "partial patient" adolescent unit and the other is a regular medical unit. The partial patient facility provides group therapy to teenagers who come in for counseling during the day time hours only (that's why it's called partial patient I guess). Gary and Vicki take me to meet the teens and their doctor (Dr. Koppke) on Tuesdays. There are usually about 7 to 10 in our group. I just love working with the teens as they get to handle me as they discuss their feelings under the guidance of Dr. Koppke. I get the whole routine, including brushing of the teeth, hair, and games like basketball (I now have my own NBA basketball which all the teens get to sign with a felt tip pen). I also get to show off my routine of tricks which Gary and Vicki has taught me. The trick most seem to like is where I play dead when they shout "BANG". I have also learned to pray which many of the other doctors seem to like. I've even learned to do the pray trick when told to do so in Spanish (which makes me a bilingual therapy dog). I work with them for about an hour, then, at the end of our meeting we all gather around for what Dr. Koppke and Gary call the "group hug" as they say good-bye for the week. That's when they all get me down on the floor and rub me all over trying to find my "sweet spot" which makes me smile ear-to-ear. It really does. It's so much fun for me and them. After working with the teens I go to another facility for about another hour of work where we meet individually with patients that have requested a visit from me and signed a consent form ahead of my arrival. It's in a unit called "fifth-floor tower". Most of the patients here are either going-to or coming-from surgery or have a variety of other ailments. My visits seem to cheer them up and again, they love seeing me do my tricks. But most of all, they like to visit and chat with Gary and Vicki as they rub my ears and neck. It's so relaxing for me and it seems to get their minds off their immediate problems. Almost all the patients have dogs at home which they miss so much and it's good to hear their dog stories. The nurses and doctors on the fifth floor all love to pet me as we make our rounds and it gives them a break too from their stressfull days. When we get done working we usually go to the cafeteria where Gary and Vicki get a snack as I rest on the cool floor by their table. But even there, the many doctors and nurses and helpers of all kinds like to come over and pet my soft warm hair and ask about me. Your name comes up often as my history is explained.I know that Gary put you into contact with one special patient who lost his sight recently to glaucoma. Gary and Vicki told him all about you and me and Parka. I hope to see him again next week during our visit and I hope that you inspired him to get apply to the guide dog school where you got me (I think he presently uses just a cane and an assistant to get around so a guide dog would be great for him). So in a way Dad, you and I are still working together! I will send a picture or two of me at the hospital that maybe you can post on the Zane Train Blog.Love you so much, and as usual, give Claudia and Cuzzie and that lovely little lady, Miss Parka, a big hug and kiss from me. I love them too.

Cheers, Dear Loveable Zane.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Parka and Dad Discover Denver!

Good morning friends and family everywhere!

Dad had a stay-cation, which he tells me that it meant that we did not go anywhere special for aweek prior to July 4, but just decided to discover Denver together. I had no idea this would be such a work-out for me!

Dad began the week by creating a Welcome to Montview Resort & spa guide as he learned the bus routes, museum locations, hours, etc. around Denver.

Then we hit the trail on June 28 and went to lunch with Auntie Phyllis (a member of the Coors family) and got to see herbeautiful home overlooking a golf course. I could tell Dad was ready to play some golf.

Then on Tuesday, we took the bus on 17th to Colorado, then took the Colorado Bus to 3rd Avenue where my adventure began. We walked across 3rd looking for the Brass Bed and it turned out to be about 12 blocks from Colorado. Ugh, was I pooped! And it was starting to get hot, almost 90 degrees.

Dad then shopped for Mom for their 10th anniversary and we had lunch where I got a big bowel of water. Then we headed for Eccentricity which was a ladies shop with jewelry and clothing and Dad got Mom another gift!

Then we headed home and someone offered us a ride and Dad took it. Boy, am I happy about that!

The next day we walked down to 12th Street in search of a bakery which we did not find, but we found Daz Bog and Dad had a cup of coffee and sweet roll and I had a big bowl of water and slept for a while.

Then we boarded the #10 bus for downtown Denver and Dad got to 16th Streeet and we found a bank. I new that those nice young ladies inside had some biscuits for me (about 6 of them) and Dad has been handing them out every day since.

Then we went to the Denver Visitor's Bureau and Dad got a bunch of maps and pamphlets for future use. We walked down 16th to a sandwich shop where I got another big bowl of waterwhile Dad ate his lunch. We found the 17th Avenue bus and headed home. Gosh, did I need a nap.

The next couple of days we wandered around the neighborhood checking out different shops and stores, looking for a bakery, which Mom and Dad found on Saturday. And wouldn't you know it, they were out of cinna-buns!

We had abig party on July 4th in the Penthose with almost 60 people there and there was lots of good food, fireworks around the city, but it was raining cats and dogs, hmmmm, and we did not see too much!

Oh well, what a week it was. I'm ready for a nap again!

Cheers to all, love Miss Parka

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Dad's Day!

Good morning K-9's and their Daddies,

This is Dad's Day, let us rejoice and be glad in it! I think I heard something like that at church today or recently! Yes, I am really glad that I take care of my Dad. He takes such good care of me.

Let me share the things that Dad does for me:
1. He feeds me 5 times a day! How he divides up that cup and a half to feed me that much is amazing, but I sre feel like I'm well fed.
2. He gives me kibble as we walk around the lake and along the lovely paths throughout City Park.
3. After our 4 or 5 potty walks a day, he gives me a "halfee" which is half a milk bone dog bisucit if I do my business and a dibble for all other business.
4. He gives me lots of good lovin' every day, especially while he lays in bed, I crawl up and get lots of good scritches.
5. While he sat on the floor yesterday and watch the US Open and Tiger Woods, I got to lay down between his legs and gets lots of tummy rubs and lots of feeling really close to Dad.
6. He plays with me all the time, trying to take my Konger away from me, playing tug with the Ring, grabbing at the NylaBone while I have it in my mouth, throwing my tops for me to fetch, gosh so much fun!
7. He keeps me well-groomed, keeping my coat looking nice and shiny, keeps my teeth cleaned and my ears cleaned, even though I really don't like that too much.
8. He sends me to my room, you know, my cage when it's time for me to take a nap or just REST so he can get some work don.

I'm so happy with my Dad and I wish him the best of Father's Day, not only today, but every day!

Cheers and lots of licks and hugs, Miss Parka

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mile High New Home!

Good afternoon doggies,

Well, Dad, Mom, Cuzzie and I have moved to a new high-rise resort near downtown Denver. Now we really feel like we are mile and a half high!

Our new home is called Montview and we're on the 6th floor. Our new home faces south and west and we have a nice-sized balcony on both sides to look out over our new kingdom.

Cuzzie is always checking out the 100 foot trees not far from our balcony to see if any birds or squirrels are trying to skinning up and down the tree without her permission. I just stretch out on the concrete patio and enjoy the gentle and sometimes strong breezes cool me down after long walks with Dad.

Our location is just a couple blocks from the Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo and the City Park golf course (which Dad played about 3 weeks ago with Aaron.) But what's the greatest feature is that we are just a block away from a huge lake at City Park and we've taken a walk around it just about every morning. It's a little bit more than a mile and we usually take about 30 minutes for our entire trip there and back.

Montview is a 14 story building with a penthouse on top and we've looked out over the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and the city of Denver from up there on the roof top. Dad keeps talking about the Fourth of July when he says he'll be able to see fireworks displays all over the city from there.

With the Zoo so close, we've heard lions roaring in the morning as they wake up and scream for breakfast and many exotic birds cawing their morning wake up calls to their buddies. A friend, Dennis, that walks with Dad most mornings, said he has heard elephants as well in the morning bugling their need for food!

We went to a Memorial Day hot dog and hamburger party on Saturday, but Dad did not spill much so I didn't get any crumbs this time. I did catch a few crumbs after dinner one night at the Penthouse restaurant.

Dad got a haircut on Thursday at the salon that is located in the basement and I found an ant trap that was quickly taken away from me. You guys are just no fun!

Cuzzie has gone with Dad and I on a walk around City Park and to the Pinnacle high rise condos doewn the street. Dad actually got lost event though I kept telling him which way to go, but would he listen to me? "no!"

We have a two bedroom apartment, with Dad in one office doing his business while I sleep in my cage. Mom does her business too in the Dining Room. We're getting settled in now and it's starting to feel like home again.

Cheers to everyone and I know this is a weekend to thank all the service men and women for our country so I can be a FREE guide dog! Thank you!

Cheers to everyone and stay tuned for new adventures! Miss Parka

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Bunny Zane

  • Good Easter Sunday morning Zane and friends,

It seems like months since I got to meet the great Zane Train and Gary, Vicki and the Johnpeers in Los Angeles, but it's only been about five weeks! Happy Easter to everyone.

There is so much to share. As you can see in the picture, Dad got to visit Zane, his first guide dog, and I got to meet him as well. What a hunk! Zane is so mild-mannered and I'm such a wild thing! I could tell that Zane could bring a lot of balance into my life and time to "slow down and smell the roses!"

I also got to meet this young kid named Jed, who the Johnpeers are raising, and gosh he's already as big as I am. And he is fast too! And strong! We played tug a lot while I was there visiting. Zane would play sometimes, but mainly I was chasing Jed all over the place to try to take away the bone, Kong, rope tug or whatever he had, I wanted it.

It was Zane's 4th birthday party too while I was there and Kimberly got us a doggie-biscuit birthday cake and Vicki divided it up and then we sang happy birthday to Zane then devoured the cake! Yummy!

I really enjoyed my field trip to college with Gary as he taught his Earth Sciences class and Dad listened intently to learn more about glaciers and they tpes of rock formations they have left behind. Dad even got to work with the studeents to help build glacier trails out of clay. I really enjoyed all the loving from the students as they just adored me, well, they just can't help it!

Speaking of that Easter bunny, Cuzzie, my half-sister, who I live with here in Colorado, has this bunny that she likes to play with. I try to steal it from her all the time, but she gets back at me by standing over my Kong and won't let me get near it. Cuzzie has this stare that just stops me in my tracks. Ugh. She is very intimidating and has such a nasty growl. I'm just a pussy cat. I'm a lover, not a fighter, but I do like to play!

Dad and I just made a couple of whirlwind trips to Tecas, one to San Antonio to help them raise money to cure blindness at the San Antonio visionWalk which raised over $120,000 in a very tough economy! We also went to Dallas to hlep kick-off their 3rd Annual VisioinWalk on May 15 and then to Houston for their Symposium on Research Advances to almost 200 people.

On April 1, Dad and I had lunch with Ms. Phyllis Coors and it was such a delightful lunch and she gave me lots of loving as well.

Wow, I'm tired, I think it's time to take a break today. Didn't my friends at McDonald's say that too? I wish everyone a very happy Easter and a wonderful Spring!

Ruff, ruff and lots of puppy love, licks and wags to everyone, Miss Parka

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Zane - the birthday boy!

  1. Dear Zane, the original Zane Train and my friends,

Zane I'm looking forward to meeting you finally!

I understand that you are almost 4 years old and I will be there to meet you and celebrate your birthday and the upcoming birthday of my Dad on March

2! Dad tells me the Johnpeers will throw quite a party on Wednesday night!

It's very exciting to be heading to Los Angeles, because I've never been there and I hear that it's a lot warmer that Denver! I saw snow in Seattle as I was growing up, but it just stays COLD here all the time.

Dad showed the picture here that Zane sent us to remind Dad to bring some birthday presents with him. Well, we had a GDB Colorado Chapter meeting on Feb. 13 and Dad bought a couple of presents for you BIG BOY!

I'm bringing some tug toys that Dad bought me for my birthday and Christmas so be ready to have a "tug-off!"

See you soon and lots of licks and puppy hugs, Miss Parka

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Suri with the fringe on top!

Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

With much love and affection, I introduce my birth mom's, so to speak, new baby! Yes, Becki has chosen to take on another puppy to raise hopefully to follow in my pawsteps. She certainly is a cutie-pie and such a cute name! My Dad keeps singing "oh what a beautifual morning and surrey with the fringo on top" and he tells me that it's from some musical called Iklahoma. OK, I get it!

But I can't believe how GDB are raising their puppies now with classical music? My Dad just keeps feeding me Country Western music when he leaves me in my kennel and I can't figure out why whenever he comes home, I just start two-stepping all over the house?

I'm excited for Becki and hope Suri grows up to be just like me!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovers out there! Miss Parka