Thursday, December 18, 2008

Working in the snows of Colorado

Fellow snow bunnies & buddies,

I really need to check who signed my up for all this snow in Colorado? Heck, it's snowing again today! I thought most of it was melting away and it was going to be summer time. Forget that stuff.

Hey, Becki, do you need a guide dog in Seattle? I remember lots of rain up there when I was growing up, but I don't remember signing up for all this snow?

What's that? Dad just told me that it's snowing like crazy in Seattle, too! What's the world coming to? Oh well, I guess I'm just going to have to buckle up and get used to it.

I love Dad so much. He's such a nice guy and really gives me a lot of kibble. I don't know where Zane got that he was stingy?

We finally walked to work today and Dad wore those Yak Trax things. I'm glad he didn't step on my tootsies. Those things look like they would really hurt! I had no idea where we were going this morning. We took off on a side-walkless route and I got right into the swing of things. I'm HOT stuff when it comes to that!

Then we crossed near a school and made it up to Dayton Street. I crossed those with no problems, showing Dad all the curbs. Then we went down a sidewalk area with lots of evergreen bushes sticking out. Of course, I'm HOT stuff with overhead obstacles, too, so I made it all around those, no sweat.

I earned lots of kibble for my good work. I did not make one mistake. Dad was very proud of me. When we go up the stairs, I kinda squeezed him against the wall. Well, I need to have room for me to get up the stairs. What did he expect?

It was great to see Annie in the office. She is always so cheerful and friendly. I really like her!

Today, at lunch, Dad played Kong with me in the parking lot. He made me heel after every catch and earned more kibble. Shucks, I love this game! We have always been playing Kong in the office, well, I can play it anywhere. I just love it!

It's always fun when we get home at night, because I get to see Mom and Grandma. I give them a kiss and then I'm ready to EAT. Where's my food! I get a good amount, but I have to watch my waistline, you know, I'm a lady in good fitness! I have to keep my trim and slim figure. Never know when a BIG hunk will be watching!

I heard we are supposed to get some more snow over the weekend. Oh well, that's why my coast is black - so Dad can find me in a snowstorm.

I really do love it here. Just a bit of an adjustment.

Until later, gater!

Lots of love and licks,


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Princess Coral said...

Dear Ms. Parka,

Can I tell you something? Maybe you already know, but I've got to say it! Your Dad is in love with you & your high performance!!! That's why you get lots of kibbles.
Oh Zane, no offence! You were loved very much, but ya know something called "Daddie's Lil Girl!" Parka is one of those... Shoot, wish I had a nice daddie. Greg is nice, but the mean N-Lady is the one I have to deal with...

From the sound of it, I don't think I wanna sign up for that white snow stuff! I'm a sunny CA Princess! Parka, come to San Diego! Then we'll race on the beach! Oh no, I'm not racing in the snow! You've got too big of an advantage there right now!!!

Happy Princess who has found a potential lady play buddy!