Monday, December 15, 2008

The Parka Express in Colorado!

Good morning to so many friends,

Dad and I got up very early on Sunday morning in Boring, I think Dad said it was 2:45 AM. No problem for me, I'm ready to go whenever he gets up! And I was ready to eat, of course, I'm always ready to eat!

But Dad never fed me! What's up with this stuff? Not even a drop of water? Dad got ready with all h is bags packed and five of us loaded up in a real comfy shuttle bus at 4 AM and headed to the airport. Heck, I was here just the other day! I don't think we needed any more practice?

But then we headded to gate E-4 and Dad got some breakfast at 5 AM when the coffee shop opened. And, shucks, he did not give me any scraps, just a couple kibble every now and then. What's up with this stuff?

Then at 7:15 AM, we went down this long ramp and entered another different kind of bus with three seats on each side. We were in aisle five and I had lots of room to lay down in the middle seat area. A guy named Mark sat by the window and he seemed real nice.

Finally this big bus starting rolling, then faster and faster, it started shaking a little and then all of sudden my stomach kind of felt uneasy, but the ground sensation just became a bumping kind of flopping around. But, I was tired by now, so I just kept sleeping. I wonder where we are going now?

Dad went to the bathroom down this long aisle one time and I stayed with Mark. I was a little concerned about where he went and kept trying to look down the aisle and Mark kept saying that he will be right back. He did come back in a few minutes and gave me some more kibble and tried to give me some ice chips, but I did not want to have anything to do with that. Dad gave me some water and I took a couple sips, but I just was not thirsty. I'm HUNGRY!!

A couple hours later, the big bus, which I learned was called an airplane, started doing some more of that bumping again, but I just slept calmly on the floor. You know, this is the longest bus ride I've ever been on.

Then the bumps stopped with a loud thud as this plane must have hit the ground and started thundering to a stop. It really did not phase me at all other than I wondered what was going on. Dad gave me several nice strokes on the head and told me that I was a good girl, so I just kept sleeping. Finally we got off that plane and went down another long ramp into another airport.

We followed Mark to baggage claim and I got to ride three different escalators. I'm a PRO when it comes to those rides. I just calmly walk on when Dad says let's go and then calmly walk off when he says it again. We even rode a light rail train kind of like what we did in Gresham.

Once Dad got his bags off this moving conveyor thing, Mark led us to a bus stop. There was a bunch of buses moving around and Dad was mad because he had just missed his bus. So he tried to get me to go potty, but I was standing in snow and ice and cold water, so I was doing a three-legged hop to try to keep at least one paw warm. And do you know it was two degrees below zero? That is COLD!

Mark was a really nice guy that works for Olympus in digital imaging and he offered us a ride home. We slipped and slid along the highways and I tried to rest on the floor board of the back seat with two pieces of luggage looming over my head. I was a little scared, but Dad kept rubbing my head and telling me everything was OK.

We met Mom at a McDonalds right off the freeway. What a nice lady. Dad gave her a big kiss, so I figured this must be somebody he really likes! I know now that this is my new Mom. It was great to see Becki again, but I guess this is the lady that will be helping take care of me.

We got to our new home with lots of snow on the ground and then I had to meet my new sister, Cuzzie. This fuzzy little thing is a little feisty, I think they call her a rowdy girl, but she is kind of cute, just a little pushy. OK, I think she is a little bitchy, to tell you the truth, because she had the nerve to take my bone away from me in just a few minutes. AND she was laying on my little rug that Mom had put down for me to lay on.

Come on, gal, give me some space! Dad pulled out the Big Kong and threw it down the hallway and as I ran after it, she chased me and growled and barked at me and tried to take it away, but I said, ain't now way you're getting this one!

Well, I understand, this is my new home. I'm here with Dad and all is well. Yes, it's a little cold for me, so I hope I can get used to this white stuff and very cold weather. I've seen snow before, but this is one big deep freeze.

My adventure in Colorado has begun. The Parka Express AKA Parka Porsche, because I am sleek and fast, has now begun.

Watch out big boy Zane. A new legacy is being born.

Love and Licks,



Zane said...

Dear Parka

Sounds like that big bus really was an airplane. You gotta watch out because sometimes your dad will tell you a small "fib" just to get you to go along. Yes, he has been known to tell white lies to black dogs! I'll bet you never would have gotten onto that contraption if you knew it floated on nothing more than air. Well, at least you got to Denver safely. Too bad you had that white stuff waiting for you when you arrived. I tried to warn you! Just wait till that stuff starts to turns to slush which is even worse. You might see if they can turn their refrigerator into a dog crate; it's probably warmer inside the refrigerator than it is outside the house where they expect you to work!

Ask your Dad if there is a way they can electrify those booties so they will be a bit warmer. You don't want to mess up those pink toenails do you?

I sure enjoyed those recent pictures. Yes, you do seem a bit smaller than me but then again you are a prim and proper lady, aren't you? And so educated. I heard you were more precise on some of the commands then I was. And, I might say, your pretty easy on the eyes too! Such a dainty face. But for now, I'm still sweet on Princess Coral but she needs to write me more than she has or I'll get lonely and who knows what could develop?

Say, did you check the ID of that pretty lady your Dad hugged? I hope it was really your new Mom!

Anyway, congratulations on your new job and new family. You're going to love it there once you get over the snow and cold issue.

Take care and remind your Dad to never leave home w/o his Parka. Especially at this time of the year.

Gotta go now because I just heard the ice maker go off. Please give 'em all a bunch of tongue juice from me and remind them I love them so much.



Zane Train Part 2 - "Parka" said...


You must be quite a dog. I really like your sense of humor, especially teasing Dad like you do. That so-called airplane flight was really easy. I was surprised how quickly I went from just a little snow & ice to several feet of it. What's up?

Princess Coral? I keep hearing this gal mentioned. If you like older women, well, maybe she's right for you. But if you like "fast women," I'm your gal! I can keep you looking and feeling young, while flexing your manhood!

I sure hope I get to meet the Zane Train some day. I see your picture in that "frog dog" plop and you look so sexy.

From your hot stuff,
The Parka Express!

Becky said...

Congratulations and welcome home!

Princess Coral said...


Welcome home!!! You're lucky to get on that airplane after graduation. My flight to San Diego wasn't long like yours, but I was in a crate because I wasn't official yet! And that white stuff you are talking about; it sure looks pretty from San Diego! But i don't think I'd appreciate having to wear the booties for potty walk...
Having fun with your new sis??? I'll tell you! Things sometimes get quite tricky... Always remember; you've got your size advantage! Use it wisely! HaHaHa...

My Dearest Zane!
Parka may be younger & faster! However, would she have the class of the Princess??? And if you like fast one, I can do that too!

Love to You All,

Princess Coral