Friday, December 12, 2008

Graduation Day is Here!

Good evening all my new friends,

My name is Parka Porsche (at least that's what Dad calls me) and Richard and I have finally made it to graduation day in Boring, OR!

When I came here lat April, there were times that I thought I might not make it through. BUT, guess what? Here we are. This is so exciting!

On Thursday morning, we practiced at the Portland airport going through security. That was so easy. There were so many nice people that wanted to say hello to me and give me a rub down. So nice!

On Friday, we went to the Klackamas Mall where we had practiced escalators last week. We had to weave through lots of shoppers with lots of people saying, "Oh look at the pretty doggie with those cute little shoes on!" Yeah, I had to wear these silly booties in case we had to ride escalators.

We found the Van Dyne candy store, Portland's finest chocolates since 1927. We then found a Picture People store and had some great photos taken of Dad and I. So much fun!

In the afternoon, we practiced what graduation day would be like. We got to sit on stage with all the other graduates. It was really nice to watch the demo dog do her work around the room. I think I can do it better than she did, but they didn't ask me!

Well it's getting late and I better get to bed and get my beauty rest.

Love to all of you with lots of sloppy kisses and hugs,

Miss Parka

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Lisa and Ellie said...

Congrats on graduation!!!