Saturday, February 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home . . . Hey! Who's been playing with my toys!!??

I'm home 5 minutes and already I can tell . . .
somebody has been messing with my toys!
And I know who!! "Cuzzie . . .! "

OK, this is not very flattering but they had to shave
my belly to do an ultra sound to make sure I
didn't perforate my gut with some dumb thing
I decided it would be really great to eat.
Dad says my belly is as bald as his head!

I have a few other spots that were shaved on my paws
and my upper chest where they were trying
to put intravenous lines into me when I was
dehydrated and needed fluids . . .
plus I had a plasma transfusion, too.
My beautiful coat will grow back . . . eventually.
Until then, I wear these marks as a badge of honor . . .
I defeated death!
    Yes, Miss Wiggle Bottom is home, tail wagging a mile a minute, gnawing on her bone (so Cuzzie doesn't get it!), wanting to play "Kong" with Richard.

   But in a very few minutes, she is resting on her pillow next to Dad's living room chair . . . 

   She would wish you "Good Night" but she's gone . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Defeating death is pretty darn tiring.

Hospital Pix - Parka and Richard

Parka's eyes are closed, too . . . hard to see on a black dog!
Are these two happy or what?!

Richard reassuring Parka that she will be home SOON!

Parka coming home 4 PM today - NO Addison's Disease!

   The Vet just called to sat that Parka is doing EXCEPTIONALLY well and we are to pick her up at 4 Pm today . . .  YEAH!!

   Also great news: she does NOT have Addison's disease!! DOUBLE YEAH!!

   Her blood work is "remarkable" for what she's been through. She still has some diarrhea but nothing spontaneous . . . OK, the carpet guy will not be making any more $$$ off the Faubions for a while. He was here two days in a row last week.

   We will be feeding Parka rice with some added chicken and cooked cooked beef (fat drained) to encourage her appetite which is still sluggish.

   Also, she will be taking more meds to keep the bad bacteria down, and also adding some good bacteria back into her gut.

   I can't say enough good things about the VCA Alameda East Animal Hospital! These vets and vet techs and even the receptionists have treated us with compassion and saved Parka's life.

   We're taking Cuzzie over tomorrow morning to get her checked out, too, and bringing a stool sample today to make sure she wasn't the one giving Parka the tape worm. She's been fiddling with her butt a lot lately. Sorry if that is TMI, but it won't be to dog owners who need to be concerned about butt fiddling!

   I will post a picture of Parka at home later. The Vet thinks she will do even better at home with her family.

   More later . . .

   Claudia in Denver

Friday, February 25, 2011

Parka picture taken at Vet Hospital tonight

Parka & Richard tonight . . . SO glad to see her dad.

   Boy, I am one tired doggie . . . but I pulled through with the help of the wonderful vets and vet techs at the VCA  Alameda East Vet Hospital in Denver.

   I was SO glad to see Dad . . . he came to the hospital straight from the airport. I can tell this has been really tough on him, too . . . getting reports on my condition but not being here to encourage me.

   They tell me I can go home tomorrow. I sure am looking forward to being back on my nice soft pillow next to dad's chair, or next to his side of the bed . . .  even in my cage next to his desk while he works.

   Well, just wanted to let you know I'm going to be OK. Thanks for all the prayers . . . I think God heard them.

Love to all . . .  Miss Parka

Parka has rallied!

Our girl is doing so much better!
   Quick Vet update: Parka has rallied and has even eaten a small amount of food and kept it down. They did an ultra sound on her and could see that her colon was pretty inflamed, her lymph nodes enlarged and that her adrenal glands are smaller than normal. However, that doesn't mean she has Addison's disease. They are testing for that now.

   HOME TOMORROW is the thought . . . WHOOPEE! They will call us in the morning to set up a plan.

   I am leaving for the airport to pick up Richard and we will go to visit her right away. I'm sure that will be great for both of them . . .  and I will love it, too.

   I will ask Miss Parka to give you a message and will post it ASAP.

   Thanks for all the love, support and prayers . . . they have helped to pull her through I'm sure.

Claudia Faubion in Denver

Miss Parka is one sick puppy . . .

Now hear this, Miss Parka . . . you get well!
Dearest Parka,

   I just heard you are in the hospital. Richard told Gary what's going on.

   Gosh . . . you've got everybody worried! What in the h@#! did you eat anyway? I'm sure you are in good hands now but I'm sure all the poking and prodding and blood tests and x-rays aren't any fun.

   Tomorrow night Richard will be able to be with you again and I'm sure that will make you cheer up a bit (him too). Meanwhile, you are getting lots of love from Claudia.

   Here's a picture of me with my birthday gift. But now I'm more worried about you than my birthday or my gift.

   Tell Claudia and Richard to keep us all posted (I'm not on Facebook) on your progress. And remember, Guide Dogs don't get sick leave, so GET BETTER FAST!

   Your pal forever,


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey! It's my birthday!!!

This was my party last year . . . Richard and Parka were there!
   Hey guys,  it's Feb. 23 and it's my birthday. . . so where's all my greetings and gifts? I've waited 5 years for today and nobody has given me anything yet (and it's now 2 PM). 

   Seems like as hard as I work that I should at least be getting a bone or something.  Well, Gary and Vicki went out for a while this morning. I sure hope they were able to stop by Petco or Petsmart for a while. 

   FYI: My work schedule at UC-Irvine hospital has changed a bit: not my job assignments but just the days I work. I need transportation to the hospital each week. Gary's teaching schedule has changed for the Spring semester, so now I'll be making my visits on Thursdays instead of Mondays. 

   That is, of course, assuming I get some kind of birthday greetings by midnight tonight!  Otherwise, I'm considering some kind of work slowdown.

   It's been an exciting time for me over the last 5 years.  I graduated from Guide Dog school in San Rafael, lived in Denver for a while working as a seeing eye dog, been all over the USA and have provided "therapy" to hundreds of patients. 

   I'm a member of "Delta Society," a member of the Trauma Intervention Program of Orange County. I look forward to more exciting times. 

   Hopefully soon Jed will be able to join me as soon as he matures and mellows a bit more.

Love,  Zane

Friday, February 11, 2011

My new job . . .

   For those who have been wondering what I am "doing for a living" these days, here I am with one of my favortie people, having a great "conversation" while he undergoes some chemo.
   Sometimes we just gaze into each other's eyes and he gives me good scritches under my chin. He knows I understand.
   Please note: I get my own chair! Abd you can see my ID and special "jacket" that IDs me as a VERY special dog. But we all knew that, right?
   This is just one of my new "theapy dog" responsibilities . . . more to come.

Love, Zane