Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend on the Oregon Trail

Happy weekend to all,

On Saturday morning, we took a trip to Gresham to work more on rounded corners, traffic checks and barricades. We got back in time to work the Oregon Trail.

Some of you may know the original Oregon Trail that brought settlers to the Northwest back in the 1800s. Yes, Dad shared this with me. I do not remember getting that in history class!

The Boring campus has a nice trail that zig-zags through huge 100 foot trees on the campus. There are tons of tree and shrub nurseries all around this area. I believe they consider themselves the Christmas tree capital of the world!

Working through the Oregon Trail takes about 15-20 minutes for most dogs, but for Parka Porsche - we do it in about 10 minutes! The trail has two or three outlets back to the forest road near the kennels, but we made it through in good shape. I did not run Dad into any trees along the way.

Saturday afternoon, Dad watched Florida play Alabama and other football games. I just slept. Talk about "boring . . . "

On Sunday, we woke up to lots of rain storms and it rained all day. Dad had a late morning brunch and Chef Kathryn made custom-ordered omelets for everyone. Dad had everything, but the kitchen sink in his. He really seemed to enjoy that with his French toast!

At 1:00 PM, Dad tied me down and left with the others to go to the local Gresham Town Mall to do some shopping. He bought me a real nice bandanna to wear at graduation. It's real purty, a base of red and blue with dog bones all over it.

Dad watched some more pro football and worked real hard all day on his computer. I don't know what he does on that thing, but he sure keeps his hands on it a LOT.

Things are going well here in Boring!

Love to all, Parka

PS - Dad said to thank all of you WWII veterans in memory of Pearl Harbor Day!

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