Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Birthday Baby & Vet Visit

Good morning my fellow pups,

Can you believe it? Dad forgot my birthday! Well, he was a little late. He did not forget totally. Is that a male thing or what?

Yes, on Monday, December 8, I became two years old. I'm one of the second oldest here in this class. Danville is 27 months old. He has been re-issued after not working out for someone else.

Last night, on our night route, Erin gave Dad a special biscuit to give me for my birthday. Onyx and Erin, Dad and I, were sitting in Cafe Delirium having some coffee when both of them broke out in Happy Birthday to ME! Then Dad gave me this real special tasting treat. Thanks, Dad!

On my birthday, we took the bus to a neighborhood in Portland to work busy city streets with lots of great smells, which I avoided most of the time. Then Dad ended up at a Pete's Coffee and pulled out that computer again to do some work.

In the afternoon, we stayed in and did a clicker workshop. Dad learned how to use that wonderful clicker tool again. Then on Tuesday afternoon, we actually worked together to target a chair. Of course, I learned finding that chair real quick and got lots of kibble. When we moved back to do it from farther away, I just about dragged Dad to the chair, ready to get my reward. I like this clicker thing!

On Tuesday morning, we went to an elementary school area and a neighborhood with lots of side-walkless streets. I'm pretty HOT on finding the curb, but the coach said that I do it a little too quickly, so Dad had to teach me to stay straight. How? He gave me more kibble.

These humans really think they are teaching me new stuff, but if you notice, I just keep getting more kibble. Guess what, that's my GOAL! More food!

Besides, Zane has told me how stingy Dad is at giving kibble, so I really need to train him well.

We also visited the Vet and we got my current weight which was 53.6 pounds. Last week I was 52.7 pounds, so I gained a little weight. I wear it well though, don't you think?

The Vet told Dad all about my health history. The puppy raiser brought me back to Boring in April, 2008. As I was getting trained, I had a mouth sore and some warts, which I picked up from my buddies in the kennel.

I got rid of those, but developed a limp on my right front pinkie. Vet Patty did not say, but I think Coach Jaymin stepped on my foot and it got real sore. In July, they kept me in the kennels to allow my paw to heal.

Then I went out again and developed some more minor issues so they decided to put me in a "foster home" for about 2 months. Then, while I was there, I got sick. They had a cat and he was a PITA. They brought me back to the kennel to get well and eventually I got back to work with Jaymin in preparation for Dad.

Dad also learned that Ms. Becky Limberg and her 17 year-old daughter raised me in Woodenville, WA, which I think is suburb of Seattle. We took lots of boat rides to Seattle and rode the bus a lot. We lived in a big house with another Lab and a Golden Retriever. They did a great job of raising me and I hope I get to see them again at graduation.

Well, that's a lot of information. I gotta go! I think it's about time to eat!

Hugs and body wags and chipmunk love to all,

Miss Parka

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Princess Coral said...

Hi Parka,
Happy Belated Birthday!!!
You know, we share a birthday!!!
No wonder you're sooo smart and pretty! Hoorey for December Babies:)

Love to you & your DAD