Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! 2009 will be fine!

Good morning fellow canines and moody felines,

Happy New Year from Colorado! Yes, it's 2009 and I'm just fine. I'm two years old and looking pretty HOT, if I don't say so myself. Don't I look pretty sleek in that picture?

I have a really good buddy from Oregon as we shared licks during college as we got to know our new partners. I want to introduce Danville to you. He's a good looking LAB, what a hunk! And he's older than me, so we might want to go out on a date, the next time we meet!

Here is a happy message from Danville,

"Dear classmates and their partners,
Laurie and I wish you a very happy New Years. I know that Fellini, Georgene and Parka will bring in the New year when the clock struck midnight or at least I hope they did."

I hope that you all have a great New Years and it bring joy and happened to you all. Laurie wants me to tell his friends that he hopes that they have a great New Years and hope that they are doing well to.

Things are going well for Laurie and me these days. Laurie has been trying to do some clicker training this week with the light poles that have the signals that make sound when I push them to cross the street. Doesn't she know that I try to avoid these poles? But I get lots of kibble! Woo Hoo!

We had one thing go wrong last week for us and I will tell you about it. We were out for daily walk and Laurie asked me to stop at Starbucks in Lafayette. After we left there, we were walking up the street to go and it was after noon and I needed to go to the bathroom real BAD!

Well, I was so interested in p-mail that Laurie tripped over something on the side walk and she fall down on the ground. She messed up her ankle, but at least gave me a break and did not blame it on me. Laurie is such a great partner, don't you think?

After I went potty, Laurie had me rework the problem and I strutted my stuff after that. That has been the only thing that has gone wrong since we have been home from school.

On last Sunday, we went on a four mile hike with a BIG group that we hang out with and I enjoyed it and was walking fast since there was no curbs to worry about on this walk.

Please give a big hug and kiss to your partners from me and Laurie!"

Wow, Danville sounds like he is really on the move as they close out 2008. Dad and I went back and forth to work yesterday! What a great walk. We even went to the Vet's office and I got myself weighed. I weigh 54.9 pounds and have gained some weight.

Ny new year's resolution is to ask Dad to get me some Nutraslim instead of Science Diet. I've got to watch my girlish figure you know!

Lots of love, licks and belly rubs, Parka


Princess Coral said...

Good morning Girlfriend!

A late happy new year!
I knew you'd find a boyfriend of your own! So now, stay away from my Prince Zane this year... will ya?

Sounds like you & your family are having a great start of 2009. Please keep in touch, and hopefully the 680 class reunion will happen some time this year! Nikki wants you to tell your dad that she'd be the assistant to the Social
Director if he needs one besides Kae! Oh, one more thing she wants you to tell your dad; Cheer for the Chargers!!!

Your friend,
Princess Coral

Dear Sweet Loveable Zane said...


We'll it's been a busy few weeks here in southern California but now that things have settled down a bit I thought I'd catch up with you.

Christmas was good and I got a Nylabone that I'm sharing with Sayer. It's almost destroyed already but I know I'll get another one if I just ask. I did have a bit of excitement on Christmas eve when some guy tried sneaknig into the house about midnight. I gave him a dirty look, a couple of sniffs and a licking and that scared him off. You should have seen the soot fly as he scampered back up the chimney. Last I saw was a bunch of reindeer with a sleigh moving on to try to burglarize somebody elses house. I'm sure he won't try to come back. What a jerk.

I just sent a couple pictures of an airplane ride we took last week. It sure is fun to get to go places again. We landed at a nearby airport called Cable airport and had lunch, then went to full up the airplane with gas and then flew back home.

Gary is back to teaching college classes again so I am in charge of the house a few hours in the morning till him and Sayer get home. Then I get to play hard for a while and boy does the fur fly! Vicki gets mad when she comes home and has to vacuum it all up but she doesn't really blame me because she knows I can't help it. It seems to me that with all that hair they could just add water and start growning another lab with it....what do you think? It would be a clone of me.

I also sent a picture of me guarding their bed. The house rule here is that no dogs are supposed to be on the bed so I figured I'd be ready to chase any dogs away should they try to jump up. So far I've done pretty well and it sure is soft up there.

Gary has been planting lots of stuff in his back yard. So far he's brought in several heads of lettuce, and some broccoli. He has some zuccini, carrots, strawberries, okra, tomato, and beans growing but their not ready to pick. Besides that he's got some sunflowers, daffodils, iris, and other stuff I don't know growing. It's going to be about 83 degrees this weekend so he is excited to see his efforts multiply and grow. Say, has the snow melted there in Denver yet?

Well, Sayer needs some attention so I'll sign off and go give him some. It's almost time for Vicki to come home and there isn't enough hair on the floor yet for her to vacuum up. I'll fix that problem for sure, even though Gary combed about a quart of black fur out of me this morning! He says I have about as much black hair as that Governor from Illinois that they impeached this morning.

Would you send me some more pictures of Parka? Maybe some frontal views and a few wide shots showing her entire side. Only please don't let Princess Coral know you're sending them....I think she gets jealous of me but I am handsome and I want to keep my black book up to date.

Say hi to YOM and Grandma and of course Cuzzie and Parka.

Till later,

Love, licks and belly rubs from Zane

Dear Sweet Loveable Zane said...


I just blogged you with an update of what I've been doing but forgot to tell you I went to the vet and got a computer chip implanted in my neck. Gary says that now when I come near his computer I make his computer run much faster! They weighed me and I'm 65.3 pounds.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Dear Sweet Loveable Zane

Zane Train II - The Parka Express said...

You have written such a great story that I will post it to your blog. I'm so proud of you! Still staying slim and trim at 65.3 pounds. That's about where you were when we last hugged.

I love you Zane! Dad