Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome, Parka, You Rowdy Girl!

Hi, Parka!

This is Claudia, your new mom back in Denver, Colorado.

Your new dad, Richard, is just crazy about you already and I can't wait to meet you - only two weeks to go!

Poor Richard - he will have a house full of rowdy girls: you, me, Grandma and Cuzzie, your new sister.

Train well - love up our Dad - you are going to love living with us!

Love, Mom, Cuzzie & Grandma


Sweet, innocent Zane said...

Richard and Claudia

I won't believe Parka exists till I see a picture of her! I want proof. But I sure like her name.

I remember some of those winter walks with Richard (yes, in the slush) and I can assure you her Parka will come in handy. I hope her booties are heated.

I'll send a nice long note to her soon; but please let her know I've already been e-mailing another lady dog in San Diego. Her name is Princess Coral. And I'm still not over with Cuzzie although she is a bit small. What should I do...please advise.

Till later,

Sweet, innocent Zane

Zane Train Part 2 - "Parka" said...

Hi Zane!

Cuzzie will always love her brother, but she wants you to know, that's all it was for her - not a romance - so go for it with Princess Coral! I've seen her picture and she's a real beauty!

Richard says they took a group picture today. He will send a picture to me to post on the blog as soon as he can get someone to help him with that.

We are ALL panting to see what Parka looks like. You might just end up in another long distance relationship!

Love you, Zane, YOM (Your Other Mom), Claudia