Sunday, June 29, 2008

White Hawk Pondering

To my new friend,

Drake, it was so nice to meet you yesterday! You looked like a Yellow Lab, but I think your Dad said you are part German Shepherd. Yavoole! Yes, you are lots of fun.

Your Dad, my Dad and Mom and I went up to White Hawk Pond. I got to ride in the back of the Yukon in your kennel. (I remember doing a lot of this in my younger days.)

We crawled real slow up the hill so as not to create too much dust.

I had fun running loose around White Hawk Pond. I can't believe that your Dad had this built to hold 30 million gallons of water! It's so nice that he would make you such a BIG POOL to play in. I "pondered" jumping in the very cool water, but decided not to. (See picture)

My Dad was talking about the bears that had been around the area. I have not seen a bear, but I remember those bed time stories!

As I looked out the back window of the Yukon, I could such beautiful trees all over the place. It made me just want to lift my leg! Such a beautiful part of Colorado. I'm glad I got a chance t visit the Gypsum area.

Here's a link to my photo album from this trip:

It was great watching you guys "calling" those BIG cows. I think I heard your Dad call them, Scottish Highlanders.

Thanks again, Drake! You are the best.

Big licks, Zane


Robin said...

Hi Zane,
My name is Robin and I am a GDB puppy raiser & puppy club leader in Palo Alto, California. My husband & I are currently raising Brent who is our 6th pup. We have one graduate (Alfie who lives in Los Angeles) and one who is currently in training in San Rafael (his name is Stetson) and three career changes who all live within a mile of us and who we see often. All of our pups have been male yellow labs. I enjoy reading your blog very much and am happy that you have a great life with Richard! BTW, I recently heard Richard interviewed on a GDB Blog that I'd downloaded onto my iPod. Please tell him that he did a great job describing you!

Well, I look forward to reading about further adventures on the Zane Train.


Zane Train said...


You are on lucky Yellow Lab. You have a Mom and Dad that are raising you and are committed that you are the best! I know you don't want to listen some times, but take it from me, it will pay off in the long run and you can be a guide dog like me.

There are so many advantages. I get to see the world as a guide dog and I get to ride in the front row on airplanes, you know, that's first class! I have been to Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Salt Lake City and soon I will be going to Amelia Island, Florida. It's fun! There are lots of good looking dogs in other cities.

And I'm the stud that gets to lead Richard around town. That makes me HOT stuff.

I'm glad your step-bro, Alfie, graduated college. It's tough to get your degree and graduate "summa-good-doggie." My Dad likes the name Stetson, being a Texan. He just keeps singing, these boots are made for walking!

Good to hear from you and your Mom, Robin! She sounds fantastic! Thanks again.

Gig licks, Zane