Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cross Walk Collision!

Good evening friends,

I have been well trained to lead Dad safely across streets and intersections. But you know, he has to follow my lead. Sometimes, he just wants to go his own way and does not pay serious attention to my cues.

So, you ask, what happened? Well, we were crossing a street on the way to work. I could tell that Dad was in a hurry and that this crossing was not going to work. I stopped and turned left to stop his progress as quick as I could. He had the nerve to yank on my chain and say, "Hop up!" But I did not move.

Once again, he gave my leash a yank. Well, this time his hand hit the car that was in the middle of the cross walk.

"Whoa!" he said. "Good Boy, Zane!"

Dad knew that the light would be changing soon, so he told me to go right and then left around the car, which we did, and we got over to the curb safely.

So there, you see! I did exactly what I was supposed to do and saved his skin again. I just love doing that. That's why he pays me the BIG BUCKS! Lots of kibble and dog treats!

Moral to this story: Stop, Look and Listen to your Guide Dog!

Anybody else out there have to deal with this type of traffic congestion?

Big licks and belly rubs,



Lisa & Runza said...

WOW - how impressive Zane. Sounds like you really excelled and took your courses very seriously in college! Glad to hear all that studying is paying off! Keep up the good work! :)

Princess Coral said...

Hi Zane,

You're not alone! I have to deal with downtown SD traffic every day!
And sad to say, Nikki is not a good listener sometimes... Especially when we are late for work.

By the way, I wrote about you in my blog! So check it out:)

Anonymous said...

Great job Zane!! I'm sure your dad is very proud of you. :)

Kimmie said...

I'm proud of you Zane! You're taking good care of your Dad :)