Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kong Time - Jumping for Joy

Heh cool dudes,

Dad and I walk back and forth to work every morning1 I guess this is a little more than half a mile each way. Not a real long distance so I am really happy that Dad keeps me in good shape by having “Kong time” usually twice a day.

Back in San Rafael at college, Dad took me on “play time” with Coach Jessica and a few other coaches. We had a blast! Dad had a rubber ring and a small Kong (about 4” tall) that he would throw and I would fetch. Also, in the play pen, was a larger version about 12” tall called King Kong! I really enjoyed chasing either one of them because they bounce in all directions, hopping here and there and everywhere!

I have overheard Dad say, that this Kong toy looks like a little Michelin Man, which I have no idea what that means. It looks like stacked rings of rubber that are bigger at the bottom and narrower at the top and it is hollow inside. I heard some people fill it with peanut butter and doggie biscuits. Dad has not done that for me! Maybe I will ask Santa Claus to bring that for Christmas!

So Dad bought me a red Kong which is about 8” tall and I just love it. It bounces all over the place and I love jumping up in the air to snatch it and then return it to Dad. I love that Dad always cheers for me when I snatch it out of the air and claps his hands in approval. I feel like SUPER DOG, a Black Lab STUD!

I get lots of exercise and Dad keeps playing with me until I am panting very hard and, in fact, I start dropping the Kong when returning it to him. I’m just getting pooped after chasing that darn thing for 30 or 40 times! What fun we have together!

Moral of this story: A Kong in the mouth, is worth two cheers from Dad!

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