Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bones:Which do you Chewse?

Good evening,

I need to get something off my belly, I mean my chest. Dad bought me these great Nyla bones for ME to chew on. Right? I'm not prize hunk that does all the work around here. Right? I like to come home, grad some grub and then stretch out on the deck and chew my bone. Right?

Well, my little OLDER step-sister, Cuzzie the Bandito (see her picture), keeps stealing my bone while I smell the roses. Yes, I can chew, chew and chew some more, then take a little break to smell the fresh air on the back deck and then turn around and that little bandit has the bone in her mouth and toting it away to her corner.

What's a Lab to do? I'm too much of a gentleman to bully her for it. I just STARE at her, hoping that my big bustling muscles and stately build will intimidate her.

Guess what? She just growls at me, in essence, telling me to stick it in my ear!

Oh well, I guess I "chewse" my step-sister as my pal and we just have to share.

So what, I have my own bone at the office, and I don't have to share that one with Dad!

Thanks for listening! Roars of Rove, Zane

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Princess Coral said...

My Prince Zane,

See! I was right! You are such a gentleman that you'd just let your sister have your bone!!! When you visit me, I'll share mine with you:) Banzai doesn't care for my nylabone; Thank God! Plus, I'm not much of a lady when it comes to toys & bones! What's mine is MINE, and what's yours is POSSIBLELY mine! :)

Big Smine:)
Your Princess