Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Breakfast on the Veranda!

Good morning fellow canines,

It was so great to hear from Zoey and Princess Coral. Wow, I'm starting to attract some really HOT chicks! I'm still just a dimple-faced teenager, though. I have all these hormones and I don't know what to do with them? Oh well, Dad said that we need to talk. I can't wait . . . Here's Zoey's picture. Isn't she beautiful?

I really needed a "sick day" yesterday, but I had to "saddle up" anyway and go to work. But I really have an upset stomach and consequently, Dad said I had to "fast." I don't know where they came up with that idea? All I felt was "slow" all day. No food for a whole day? This is in-canine treatment!

Finally this morning I had a whole new treat. I had "breakfast on the veranda." Mom cooked up some real chicken, not the processed stuff. I had a cup and a half of chicken and rice. Yummy! I was so hungry my eyes were turning yellow because I was going bananas.

I overheard Dad talking to the doctor at my guide dog school and Elizabeth told him to put me on a bland diet to settle down my stomach. I hope this works! It has been a very unpleasant experience so far. We live near a lake and there are a lot of geese that walk all over the place and I think I might have gotten hold of something that I shouldn't have.

I got breakfast on the deck on such a beautiful cool morning, eating while the birds were singing to wish me a better day. I sure need it. Cuzzie was out there with me to keep me company. She can be a putz sometimes, but she was really sweet to me today. Thanks, Cooz!

Thanks again for all the love that Zoey and Princess Coral sent my way. Zoey wants to meet me at a Dog Park in a neighborhood near our house. All right! HOT stuff!

Princess Coral sounds so nice, but Dad tells me she is in San Diego. So I asked Dad if he had ever been to San Diego? He said, "No." Well, now we have a reason to go, right? Watch out Princess, your Prince is on the way to the rescue!

By the way, back to those sick days, I need to check my contract. I need to find out how many sick days I earn a year. I really needed to take one yesterday. I've got my rights, don't I? What do you guys think out there?

Wishing everyone a great day!

Big licks and belly rubs, Zane


Princess Coral said...

Oh my Prince Zane; You poor thing! Hope you're feeling better today. Yes, you do have the right to have sick days! Stand up for your right, and let me know how you ask for a sick day if you're successful! The breakfast on the veranda sounds really good! Especially the menu!!! Maybe I should pretend that I'm sick...

Tell your dad to bring you to San Diego! I can't wait to see you:) You were supposed to come in Feb, but your dad's plan changed or something. I guess it worked out though. Back in Feb, I didn't know San Diego that much, but now I can show you around! Does your dad like golf? Nikki's pretty busy answering all the calls about the US Open.

Princess Coral

Lisa & Runza said...

Oh, neat - I'm a puppy raiser for KSDS - but I heard you on the GDB podcast! So neat to see you have a blog

lindsey said...

Hi Zane,

I have not met you, but my dad is a working guide dog in Denver too! He graduated in March from the Oregon Campus. He was so lucky and got to have 1 litter of puppies with some special girl!
My name is Frisco and I am being raised by the same person who raised my dad. She says we are special dogs...I don't really care what she says, as long as she feeds me!


Zane Train said...

Princess Coral,

Thank you so much for your kind concern about my health. But your PRINCE is ready to dance and make sweet music with the princess! I am feeeling good again and ready to get frisky!

I heard Dad talking about golf because he has a Swing for Sight on Monday, day after Father's Day! What should I get him for a present? Maybe I should lick his shoes clean, you know, a shoe shine!

Have a great weekend! I really want to meet you some day!

LOL and big licks! Zane

Zane Train said...

Lisa & Runza,

Great to hear from you! I'm so glad you enjoyed that podcast. I remember making that with Dad and my favorite Coach, Jessica! I miss her and giving her BIG licks! I have not heard the podcast. Could you tell me how to find that on the GDB website? I'd like to hear myself again!

Thanks for being a puppy raiser. I love my raiser, the Johnpeers. They are such wonderful people. And Dad has taken me to visit them twice since we left college.

Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great time raising some new guide dogs!

Big licks & belly rubs, Zane

Zane Train said...


So good to hear from you! I have been sick, but I'm feeling great again! Dad has taken good care of me and I got to eat real chicken and rice. I feel pretty special. I love my "lamb & rice" though so I started getting some more of that today. Yummy!

You did not say. Are you a Black Lab too? Frisco, my Dad says that is the name of a town near Denver. Do you enjoy the snow? I love it! I love to just lay in it! Feels so good in my think black coat.

Stay in touch! So good to hear from you.

Big licks & belly rubs, Zane

lindsey said...

Zane Train,

I am a yellow lab, but my dad is a black lab. I live in Utah right now until I am done being raised. We had lots of snow this winter and yes, I do love it! My raiser got to name me since she raised my dad, she thinks Frisco is a pretty great name, but she has taken to calling me "Fishy" lately, she says it's because I'm so floppy! Whatever!

Princess Coral said...

Hi Zane,

Glad to hear you're feeling better & crisp! Here is the link to the GDB podcast. I used to be able to go straight from the homepage, but the link is gone now. So I did a Google search, and here it is!

You are on Episode 7

Princess Coral