Saturday, June 14, 2008


Howdy, all ya'll pooches,

It is really HOT in Denver today. Can you believe - over 90 degrees?!

And I have this heavy black coat from the cold winter, and I have been shedding it quite profusely. That means that when Dad brushes me, he gets my hair all over him, the deck, the flowers, the tables, the chairs . . . everywhere!

Today, Dad took me to Suds and Spuds and left me there while he went across the street with Mom to hit a few golf balls. He is getting ready for the Foundation Fighting Blindness "Swing for Sight" golf tournament. He is the manager of this event and plans to play in the tournament.

Wait a minute - where do I go while he is playing golf? Oh, I get it. Maybe I'll spot balls for him, go chase them when he hits one and be a pointer to show him where it is. You think?

Back at the Suds and Spuds, Emily really washed me good and just about ALL my loose coat came out, especially with the "ferminator."

I really feel frisky now! Watch out Princess Coral and Melody. I am one sharp looking STUD. My hair seems about half as long as it was and Dad had them round off my nails, so I really feel cool.

Mom plans to take pictures of us at the golf tournament on Monday. Stand by your website!

I'm getting ready to lay down under the desk, while Dad watches the US Open in San Diego, and dream of Princess Coral.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day tomorrow. I really love my Dad and Grand Dad Gary and my real father too. I will share more about that in my next blog.

All the best with big licks and belly rubs!


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