Sunday, June 15, 2008

POEM: The Zane Train

The Zane Train

Tied down, buckle in place,
Time to rest . . . reflect in quiet space.
Lambs wool caressing sleek black locks,
Inhaling, exhaling . . . sighs that rock.

Recounting my life, path traveled thus far,
From Mama Kauai to sister Cuzzie we spar,
From Marin, sunny skies year 'round,
To western shores, savory smells abound.

yes of brown, essential must,
Provide vision, safety, partnership to this man I trust.
I guide, protect, select paths most clear,
Gives him freedom and confidence, far and near.

Tied down, buckle in place.
Hear my stories . . . I’ll explain,
All aboard, Dad, as we unleash
the Zane Train!

Dedicated to my partner in life, Richard. I'm ready to depart the depot whenever you call.

Love, Zane

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