Monday, June 9, 2008

Curbing My Enthusiasm

Good evening to all,

I have been trying to tell Dad, when you gotta go, you gotta go! Every now and then on the way to work or even when walking home, I really have to “do my business!” Do you know what I mean? In fact, last week, while walking home, I kept trying to signal Dad that I had to go, but he was not getting the message. Maybe, he's more than just blind!

Finally, I just stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and did my business! Ah-h-h, now I feel better! Boy, you should have seen Dad's face! What a surprised look. He kept saying, "What the heck are you doing?" Of course, for me, I was relieved, so to speak, so now we could make our way home in style.I knew he was a little upset, because he just kept mumbling under his breath, "What was that all about?"

Well, it should have been obvious. I kept pulling to the left to let him know that I had to go potty. Of course, I had never done this before with Dad, so I guess I’m not surprised that he was unaware of what I meant. Dad said, "OK, we will just have to come up with a new plan!" I wonder what he is planning to do?

I overheard Dad talking with Coach Emily on the phone. I believe that was the girl from graduate school who came to visit us a few weeks ago! I heard Dad say, "called what? curbing?” Yes, I wanted to get to the closest curb or patch of grass and do my business. But Dad always wanted to "curb my enthusiasm" to do this!

I could tell that Dad was getting very frustrated with me. Well, what do you expect? I can't just get up and run to the bathroom like he does! I have to get saddled up and taken to a good patch of grass, if I'm lucky!

What’s a dog to do? He wants me to watch out for traffic problems, cross streets, find curbs, cracks, potholes and all this stuff when my mind is preoccupied with having to go potty? I've got rights, haven't I?

Dad came up with a new plan for our morning routine. The original plan we followed was being fed at 6:00 a.m. and then he would take Cuzzie and I for a walk about 7:00 a.m. Now, Dad decided to return to the potty pattern that he was taught at college in San Rafael. After he feeds me at 6:00 a.m., we go for a walk. Oh yes, I really like that. I have been holding it all night!

Then on the way to work, we now go to a new potty spot near the lake and I get to watch the geese while I find a good spot to go. Now, I do not have to stop on the way to work and “curb” Dad!

Moral to this story: Don’t leave home “with it!”

Big licks & belly rubs, Zane

7 comments: said...

Zane, kudos to you and Richard for working together to come up with a solution!

Princess Coral said...

Yes, Yes, I know what you mean!!!
I had that frustrating & embarrassing moment too!!!
The other side is being told to do my biz at a trashy grass patch! Nikki may not see, but I see cans & stuff all over the grass area from miles away, and that's not acceptable for a Princess!

The Rowdy Girl said...

Here is a post sent via e-mail from Richard's friend Anne Ingalls Gillespie:

Hello Zane!

My name is Zoey, I am a six year old retired champion "show girl". My first mom is a Labrador breeder in Michigan and she just flew me out to Denver to live with her childhood best friend Anne. Anne is my new mom and we are having so much fun, and I love my yellow Lab sister, Winnie. Winnie was flown out here six years ago just like me. My grandma, Nikki, was also retired here and she sadly died in October at the age of 15. My new mom can't stop telling me how much I look like my grandma and how happy she is to have another black girl in the family! Anne's first black Lab, Jack, was my great great grandfather and he was an obedience champion.

I am very inspired by your occupation as a leader dog and your wonderful commitment to your partner Richard. I too am very loyal and intelligent, if I do say so myself, but my life has been about looking pretty, swimming, and chasing squirrels. No apologies. The bottom line is we black Labs make our moms and dads happy, and that is all that matters. I hope to meet you someday. I have boundless energy and perhaps we could take a swim together at the dog park.

One more thing: does your sister Cuzzie steal your bones?? That is the only complaint I have about my sister Winnie, she steals my rawhides!

Well, again, I think what you are doing is remarkable and you make me proud to be a Black Lab!


Zane Train said...


Wow! You sound like one of those older chicks that I really like! Sing with me, "older women, make beautiful puppy lovers..." Dad showed me your picture! I can't wait to meet you in the dog park! I like wading, not much for swimming. It kinda messes up my hair sytle, if you know what I mean.
And yes, that Cuzzie is always stealing my bone. Can you believe that little squirt can pick up that big Nyla-bone and then sit beside me and chew on it. What nerve! But I dsure don't want to cross her, because she gets down right testy!
Thanks for sharing your heritage with me. I look forward to rubbing noses someday soon!

Big licks and belly rubs, Zane

Zane Train said...

Princess Coral,

So good to hear from you! I don't think we've met, have we? You need to tell Nikki to find you some better patches to strut your stuff. You sound like royalty and deserve the best treatment!

Heh, I'm not a prince or have any royal blood line that I am aware of, but I'm a stud! Want to get together some time and rub noses?

Good to hear from you Princess Coral. Please stay in touch.

Big licks and belly rubs, Zane

Zane Train said...


Thanks! Let Coach Jessica Drew know that we are both doing well.

Lots of love to the team,

Big licks and belly rubs, Zane

Princess Coral said...

Dear Zane,

No, we haven't met in person (or in canine, must I say?) yet. But Nikki showed me your pix. You're very handsom! I'd love to get together for a nose rub:)
You know, I'm always on the look for cuties! I often get in trouble for it though... Dog Distruction? That's what they say in college? What can I do! Eye-candies are everywhere!!!

Princess Coral