Friday, February 25, 2011

Parka picture taken at Vet Hospital tonight

Parka & Richard tonight . . . SO glad to see her dad.

   Boy, I am one tired doggie . . . but I pulled through with the help of the wonderful vets and vet techs at the VCA  Alameda East Vet Hospital in Denver.

   I was SO glad to see Dad . . . he came to the hospital straight from the airport. I can tell this has been really tough on him, too . . . getting reports on my condition but not being here to encourage me.

   They tell me I can go home tomorrow. I sure am looking forward to being back on my nice soft pillow next to dad's chair, or next to his side of the bed . . .  even in my cage next to his desk while he works.

   Well, just wanted to let you know I'm going to be OK. Thanks for all the prayers . . . I think God heard them.

Love to all . . .  Miss Parka


Zane said...

Welcome home Parka.... you had us all worried but you pulled through like a trooper!

Now here's a bit of Lab advice. Without too much effort, I think you'll be able to milk some more attention from Richard and Claudia giving you able opportunity to get lots of treats...probably the higher quality, more fattening kinds. Hopefully you can put back on those few pounds you lost from this ordeal.

Again, welcome back! We'll all sleep a bit better tonight. Stay posted.

Your California Pal,


Zane Train II - The Parka Express said...

Parka's Blood work to be checked again this AM per the Vet who just called. She's somewhat listless this morning and they want to make sure she is strong enough to be released. She was not very interested in eating - RARE for Miss Parka! Should also know today if she does have Addison's Disease which could explain the gut bacteria getting out of control. Not sure how that works but will post that info if that is the case. Claudia

Hobbes Dogs said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better Parka ... continuing best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.