Friday, February 25, 2011

Miss Parka is one sick puppy . . .

Now hear this, Miss Parka . . . you get well!
Dearest Parka,

   I just heard you are in the hospital. Richard told Gary what's going on.

   Gosh . . . you've got everybody worried! What in the h@#! did you eat anyway? I'm sure you are in good hands now but I'm sure all the poking and prodding and blood tests and x-rays aren't any fun.

   Tomorrow night Richard will be able to be with you again and I'm sure that will make you cheer up a bit (him too). Meanwhile, you are getting lots of love from Claudia.

   Here's a picture of me with my birthday gift. But now I'm more worried about you than my birthday or my gift.

   Tell Claudia and Richard to keep us all posted (I'm not on Facebook) on your progress. And remember, Guide Dogs don't get sick leave, so GET BETTER FAST!

   Your pal forever,



Zane Train II - The Parka Express said...

Update: Miss Parka has an extremely bad intestinal infection and was dehydrated. The Vet at the animal hispital we transferred her to was concerned she would go into septic shock and that her kidneys would fail. They gave her lots of flluids right away and a plasma tranfusion around 9 PM. So far all I know this morning is thatshe made it through the night. I should be getting an update by 9 AM and will post that here ASAP. Please keep Parka in your prayers.

Zane Train II - The Parka Express said...

PARKA UPDATE: she has stabliized over night; still has some diarrhea but no more blood coming from her rectum; vitals now stable; Vet says dianosis is hemoragic gastrointeritis; bacteria from gut went into blood stream and she started going tinto septic shock; HD antibiotics and fluids still being pushed; recent weight loss may be indication of an underlying cause for all this; proceeding with ultra sound this AM to see if they can find anything. Richard back from TX 6 PM and right to hospital from DIA.