Friday, February 11, 2011

My new job . . .

   For those who have been wondering what I am "doing for a living" these days, here I am with one of my favortie people, having a great "conversation" while he undergoes some chemo.
   Sometimes we just gaze into each other's eyes and he gives me good scritches under my chin. He knows I understand.
   Please note: I get my own chair! Abd you can see my ID and special "jacket" that IDs me as a VERY special dog. But we all knew that, right?
   This is just one of my new "theapy dog" responsibilities . . . more to come.

Love, Zane

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


So glad to se you are not just lounging around the house with Gary and Vickie!

Once you've been trained to make a difference with humans, it's hard to giv that up. They SO need us, Dude!

Cuzzie says, "Way to go, Zane Man!"

Richard and Claudia are very proud of you, too.

Love you, handsome . . .