Saturday, February 26, 2011

Parka coming home 4 PM today - NO Addison's Disease!

   The Vet just called to sat that Parka is doing EXCEPTIONALLY well and we are to pick her up at 4 Pm today . . .  YEAH!!

   Also great news: she does NOT have Addison's disease!! DOUBLE YEAH!!

   Her blood work is "remarkable" for what she's been through. She still has some diarrhea but nothing spontaneous . . . OK, the carpet guy will not be making any more $$$ off the Faubions for a while. He was here two days in a row last week.

   We will be feeding Parka rice with some added chicken and cooked cooked beef (fat drained) to encourage her appetite which is still sluggish.

   Also, she will be taking more meds to keep the bad bacteria down, and also adding some good bacteria back into her gut.

   I can't say enough good things about the VCA Alameda East Animal Hospital! These vets and vet techs and even the receptionists have treated us with compassion and saved Parka's life.

   We're taking Cuzzie over tomorrow morning to get her checked out, too, and bringing a stool sample today to make sure she wasn't the one giving Parka the tape worm. She's been fiddling with her butt a lot lately. Sorry if that is TMI, but it won't be to dog owners who need to be concerned about butt fiddling!

   I will post a picture of Parka at home later. The Vet thinks she will do even better at home with her family.

   More later . . .

   Claudia in Denver

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