Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey! It's my birthday!!!

This was my party last year . . . Richard and Parka were there!
   Hey guys,  it's Feb. 23 and it's my birthday. . . so where's all my greetings and gifts? I've waited 5 years for today and nobody has given me anything yet (and it's now 2 PM). 

   Seems like as hard as I work that I should at least be getting a bone or something.  Well, Gary and Vicki went out for a while this morning. I sure hope they were able to stop by Petco or Petsmart for a while. 

   FYI: My work schedule at UC-Irvine hospital has changed a bit: not my job assignments but just the days I work. I need transportation to the hospital each week. Gary's teaching schedule has changed for the Spring semester, so now I'll be making my visits on Thursdays instead of Mondays. 

   That is, of course, assuming I get some kind of birthday greetings by midnight tonight!  Otherwise, I'm considering some kind of work slowdown.

   It's been an exciting time for me over the last 5 years.  I graduated from Guide Dog school in San Rafael, lived in Denver for a while working as a seeing eye dog, been all over the USA and have provided "therapy" to hundreds of patients. 

   I'm a member of "Delta Society," a member of the Trauma Intervention Program of Orange County. I look forward to more exciting times. 

   Hopefully soon Jed will be able to join me as soon as he matures and mellows a bit more.

Love,  Zane


Zane Train II - The Parka Express said...

"Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Zane,
Happy Birthday to you!"

There ya go, buddy . . . at least I didn't forget!

And I'm under the weather today, too. Yup, ain't something that didn't agree with me and, Whoops! Had an accident at the elvator at 4 AM!

Mom cleaned it up the best she could but it was hard to breathe ih the hall and our apartment untilo the carpet cleaning guy come at 1:30.

Richard left for Dallas this morning withtout me. Couldn't risk "losing it" in the airport, on the plane, or, GOD FORBID, at the big FFB fund raiser tonight!

Darn! I really wanted to meet Mrs. Boone Pickens because I hear she really loved you, Zane man. Lots of celebs will just have o have fun tonight without me.

Right now, am resting up in my cage. Mom is feeding me chicke and rice and taking me out often - just in case.

Well, I bet your birthday will be better than the day I am having.

Lots of love, Miss Parka

Zane said...

My Dear Parka

So sorry to hear about your predicament. Us labs love eating strange stuff. Did you eat something when Richard wasn't looking? It sounds like you now have "the runs". Gary says that affliction is inherited. He says it "runs in the jeans". Don't quite know what it means. Don't worry, you'll recover and in the meanwhile, you get something to eat besides dry kibble. Enjoy your new food and all the attention you'll get.

I've been getting my picture taken with some of the patients at the hospital and as soon as they send me one I'll try to get it posted or I will ask Claudia to do it for me. I think you'll like it.

Must go for now as it's still my birthday and I want to see what Vicki is doing upstairs. Hopefully wrapping a birthday gift for me.

Take care Parka, and get well fast. Richard has probably forgotten how to use that white cane and misses you're cold nose and warm fuzzy ears.

Your Pal,


Zane Train II - The Parka Express said...

Happy Birthday Zane! I hope your parents give you a good bone!

from, Rentia Burt

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Zane - we love you! Hope you have had a great day feeling like the "top dog" on your special day.

Brandon and Kim

KaeAnn said...

Hey, Zane! Melody & I haven't forgotten you! Glad to know that you are out there doing such great work! And your still such a small, dark & handsome dude, too (Melody's remark). Have many, many more happy birthdays surrounding by the many, many people who love you SOOOOOO much!

Kae & Melody

The Rowdy Girl said...

.Rachel Faubion Happy Birthday Zane!

From Rachel Faubion

The Rowdy Girl said...

From Anita Blackwell (Claudia;s college roomie): Happy Birthday, Zane! And to me as well:-)

The Rowdy Girl said...

Happy Birthday, Anita!
Love, Zane

Zane said...

To all my followers:

All turned out well! My birthday was a success.

Just got my birthday gift from Gary and's a red fire hose throw toy. Of course Jed tried to take it from me but when I growled he let go. I can't wait till tomorrow to play with it outside (it's dark here right now).

Thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday. I had a great day.


Dear Sweet Lovable Zane