Sunday, November 16, 2008

Zane's Tuna Fish Caper

Hey Richard!

It's Zane!

Well we had an exciting day here yesterday with all the southern California wildfires. We almost had to evacuate. It's a good thing I was here because I had everything under control and we are all safe today. Only problem is when I go outside the white ash particles fall on my black fur and it reminds me of snow. And you know what I think of snow!

About 7:30 PM last night Vicki had supper all cooked (tuna casserole) when the police started announcing that the next neighborhood to the east of us had to evacuate. She put the casserole on the edge of the sink while the family went outside to listen to the police announcements (on the police loudspeakers). I felt it was my duty to do a sample taste of their casserole while the house was quiet inside. Unfortunately, Vicki caught me taste testing the casserole when she came in. There wasn't much left for them to eat after I got done. Gosh, I figured that since I got to eat cantelope in Denver that I could certainly eat tuna casserole in California. Anyway, it was certainly quite tasty and much more flavorful than the Science Diet stuff I usually get.

Anyway, as you can see, I'm doing my job and keeping everybody here safe. They didn't sleep well last night but I sure did.

I love and miss you,


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Princess Coral said...

Hey Zane,

Happy to hear that you're all safe out there. This weather has been crazy and not helping firefighters at all! Hopefully, things will turn around soon...