Sunday, November 30, 2008

Parka Test Drive!

Good morning my new friends,

Hi! My name is Parka. I just went out on a test drive with my new partner. His name is Richard. He really likes to give me lots of love, he likes to play with lots of toys with me and even shared a partially chewed Nyla Bone. I can tell someone much stronger than me had gotten to this bone first!

We met with our coach, Cindy, and Richard did a little Juno training while I watched with great anticipation in the cage. Well, they were talking about giving my kibble to that furry dog named Juno. I did not care to share. Besides, they did not ask me first. Where's their manners?

As Cindy was sizing up my harness, Richard asked what I looked like to her. Cindy said that I was very pretty. You know, I really like Cindy a lot!

Cindy said that I had a medium long snout and some beautiful dark, brown eyes. My coat is very short and sleek. I guess you could say that I'm a HOT CHICK!

We practiced some of those obedience commands: sit, down, stay and heel. I like this stuff because there's always some kibble in it for me when I do what I'm told.

Cindy asked Richard to "slow down" his commands and talk a little softer. He has to remember that I'm a lady, not some big bruiser like I heard that Zane-boy was. But, of course, I like those big bruisers in other ways, if you know what I mean.

Richard began his guide work commands as we traversed around the dorm along a fairly wide path with a few obstacles. I circumvented everything quite well and I could tell that Richard was having a little trouble keeping up with me. I have to get this "old guy" some exercise and get him in shape. We got places to go and people to see!

Once around was all we got to do today. We just made one trip around the building and back inside by the dining room. That was it. Cindy said that was all for today. Once I finish this up, I'm going to lie down and take a little nap.

You know, I think I'm really going to like this guy. I can tell that deep down inside, he's a pussy cat, even though he comes across like a drill sergeant sometimes!

Richard really enjoyed his French toast and bacon this morning. So has an appointment with the HOT TUB at 11 AM to sweat some of those blueberries off.

We are on our way, our journey has begun, a trip to the top of Mt. Hood might be in our future. I know that I want to be his partner and take him to the mountain top of whatever life experience that will be.

I look forward to meeting all these friends who keep writing great notes to us. You must be great dogs for your partners.

Like I always say, whenever it's cold outside, be sure and take your Parka!

Lots of sparkling love,



Princess Coral said...

Hi Parka,

Welcome to the Zane-Train family!
You sound like a wonderful girl! Almost 2? Are you a December baby? Nikki says Dec Babies are the best & the smartest... I don't know if I buy that or not... Oh btw, I'm Coral. My human, Nikki was Richard's classmate at GDB! And yes, you're right about your new guy, Richard. He's pretty cool! Looking forward to hearing about your yet-to-happen adventures!

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

What a good girl you seem to be Parka! And you sound beautiful! :)

Anna said...

Congratulations, Richard on Parka! She sounds like a sweet, spunky girl! We'll be up (hopefully!) at this coming graduation to watch a dog from my club- Fenwick- graduate.

Coreena and "E" said...

Welcome to the Zane train Parka! We had your sister, Paulina, a lot while she was being puppy raised, must be a great litter! She's now a mommy! Enjoy the ride Parka!

Anna and Lawrence said...

Hi Parka!! It's nice to see that you're so grown up, so fast! I remember when you were a little baby being raised in our sister-club. Everyone here is so glad that you're paired up with such a great guy!!

Sweet innocent Zane said...

Dear Princes Coral

Wow, have you been following the adventures of Richard and Coral in Boring? They sure make a wonderful pair don't they? I'll bet Nikki wishes she could drop in for some of that good food he keeps talking about.

How have you been doing? As for me, well I've been on guard duty and am about to end my shift when the homeowners come home. Then it's time for them to feed and pet me and treat me like a king. Gosh, early retirement can be fun but I do miss being with Richard and going all the places he visits. Parka and him will have so many things to post on the blog in the coming months, won't they?

PS: Do you think Parka can be classified as a "10"? I sure do!

Sweet innocent Zane

Princess Coral said...

Dear Sweet Innocent Zane,

Nice to hear from you! Yes, Richard & Parka are enjoying a great start out there! When she goes home with Richard, you have to go visit them some time. Because, you know, now Richard will be surrounded by girls! That's more than he has wished for, but I bet he will want a manly fellowship every now & then!

Thank you for the caper tips! Hope it was OK to share them with my doggie friends! Did you pull off the Turkey Day Caper?

Love Always,

Princess Coral