Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oregon Campus Update

Good morning,

One of my new instructors at the Oregon GDB Campus, Jaymin, called to interview me and learn more about who I am, my work, my home situation and just get to know me and the type of dog that I might need. I learned about the Boring Campus which I understand is in a farm community where the town of Gresham is the "big city" in the area.

I asked if there were cows and horses that we would have to walk around, not to mention their droppings! She indicated that she could make that happen.

This will be a small class of 8 students, all re-trains! Many will be there for a total of 3 weeks and 2 or 3 of us will be there for 2 weeks.

I have my flight itinerary and I will fly to Portland on Saturday, 11/29, and return to Denver on Sunday, 12/14. I wondered if I should bring my brush, booties, rain coat, etc. and Jaymin said that I will get a bunch of new stuff, but we agreed that the booties may not fit my new dog and the rain coat will definitely be needed in the winter around Portland.

What is most exciting is that Jaymin said that she walked a dog yesterday that she thought would be PERFECT for me. I asked what kind of dog it was and she would not say, but after she thought about it, this string is all Labrador Retrievers. So, at least I know that I will be getting a Lab again, not sure the sex or color yet.

Thus, my excitement is now starting to build as I prepare for my new locomotive. Zane, stay tuned to hear who is coming down the track!

Love, Dad


Emily, Suede, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

That is great you will be getting a new guide so soon. Have fun up in Oregon, and I can't wait to hear about your new guide. Labs are good.

Zane said...


Sounds interesting but with regard to the school: "been there; done that". Sounds boring. I'm having so much fun playing with Sayer and getting treats for doing little more work than "sitting" and doing "down". Almost like welfare. Seems like those Democratic changes America just made are starting to kick in!

Dad, you better pack a rain coat for you too. And I hope you get your flu shot before you go. Don't I recall one of your friends getting sick last year at San Rafael? Nobody wants you to get sick at such an important class.

I love you and hope to meet the mighty new engine very soon.

Oh yea, my First Family is going to the Foundation for Fighting Blindness meeting this Saturday in Orange, California...I think they want the free continental breakfast. They'll hear about the latest research funded by FFB and about an upcoming FFB walk. Sayer gets to go but I need to stay back and guard the house. Since I've been on the job they haven't had a single burglary.

Again,love, hugs and sloppery kisses to you, Claudia and Grandma.


Dot Dill in Denver said...

That's wonderful that the trainers have found the perfect dog for you. Since you know it's a lab it will be fun to still have a small element of surprise as to color and sex. There are several dogs that were raised in Colorado that are class ready in Oregon. Wouldn't it be fun to get a locally raised pup. My last pup is in phase 10 but he's in SR so I won't get the chance for him to be matched as your guide. Good Luck and enjoy your class. It should be fun to have a small group of retrains.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dad and Mom,

It's me, Zane.
I miss you guys. I hear you're going to get a new guidedog in Oregon. I want you to know it's OK with me. For some reason, I couldn't take all the hustle and bustle of the city. There were so many noises, and new things to smell and see. Some of the other labs I know, LOVE the hustle and bustle of traveling. Your new lab will be a lucky guidedog to be with YOU.

I love living with the Johnpeers again. Sayer is fun to pal around the house with, and I've been catching up on a lot of sleep. Vicki treats me like a prince, and of course Gary thinks I'm a King.

Someday I might become a Therapy Dog. But I don't want to right now. I just want to hang out and be an ordinary dog for a while.

How's my buddy Cuzzie. Does he miss me? Has it started to snow yet?

I love you and always will,

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Can't wait to hear about your new little labby! :) Good luck with your re-train class. :) Hopefully Portland won't have too awful weather in winter.

Princess Coral said...

Yeah, Zane's right! Get that flu shot before you go! Have to admit that Shelby & I were the sick team in SR last year...

Sounds like you can't forget your shoes either!!! Watch out so you don't step into big droppings!!! Can't wait to hear about your new dog! Am I on your list to call on Dog Day??? HaHaHa...

Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,

I am so glad to hear that the plans are moving forward for your next dog. It is hard to imagine you being very happy with that long skinny white thing helping you to get along, so it's good that it is going to be such a short-term arangement!

Meli and I visited the Boring campus when we went to the reunion in September. It really is beautiful and peaceful and I bet you'll love being there. I would have loved to have walked the hiking trail there and wish that Meli and I could be there to experience that adventure with you and your new partner.

Can you believe that it has been a year since we were getting ready to head off to San Rafael? What an adventure the last year has been for all of us! I really hope that you have another "awesome adventure" in the weeks to come. Good luck, my friend, in finding your new partner & travlin' buddy.

Much love always!

Kae & Melody

Zane's Tuna Fish Caper said...

Hey Richard, it's Zane!

Well we had an exciting day here yesterday with all the southern California wildfires. We almost had to evacuate. It's a good thing I was here because I had everything under control and we are all safe today. Only problem is when I go outside the white ash particles fall on my black fur and it reminds me of snow. And you know what I think of snow!

About 7:30 PM last night Vicki had supper all cooked (tuna casserole) when the police started announcing that the next neighborhood to the east of us had to evacuate. She put the casserole on the edge of the sink while the family went outside to listen to the police announcements (on the police loudspeakers). I felt it was my duty to do a sample taste of their casserole while the house was quiet inside. Unfortunately, Vicki caught me taste testing the casserole when she came in. There wasn't much left for them to eat after I got done. Gosh, I figured that since I got to eat cantelope in Denver that I could certainly eat tuna casserole in California. Anyway, it was certainly quite tasty and much more flavorful than the Science Diet stuff I usually get.

Anyway, as you can see, I'm doing my job and keeping everybody here safe. They didn't sleep well last night but I sure did.

I love and miss you,


Anna said...

That is SO cool...I think I have an idea of who might be your future puppy! I but you're on pins and needles waiting to go to class!

Zane Train said...

Hello all,

Thanks so much for all the encouragement and interest in my new dog. I'm very excited to be getting my new guide, a great Lab Retreiver of some color.

I will keep everyone posted on the Zane Train, so stay tuned right after Thanksgiving.

God's blessings to all for a very happy and festive Thanksgiving with your family.

Love, Richard

Zane said...


Based on the observations I made when I attended guide dog school, chances are your new lab will either be black or yellow!

I'm fine and just spent two days on a foundation investigation with Gary. Just like old times and the drillers still remembered me. The guide dog they are raising now (Sayer) had to stay home while I got to go which made him a bit confused.

Just a week to go now till you leave for Boring to get your new engine. Can't wait to hear (his??) specs.

Gotta go now, Sayer needs someone to play tug-of-war with and I'm it.

Say HI to Claudia and Grandma.

Love forever