Thursday, November 27, 2008

Capers - The Super Sleuth!

Sweet, Innocent Zane,

I can tell that you are still up to your old tricks! You are such a super sleuth, so crafty and creative. As I prepare to leave for Portland on Saturday, I am reminded of how sweet you always seemed to be. And now I read this story and learn so much more about how SNEAKY you are. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

I share this excerpt that you posted on Princess Coral's blog. You thought you might be able to hide this from me! But Dad does still love you anyway. Those brown eyes and sweet disposition. You are so adorable.

"Getting extra food is always a challenge. Where did our masters ever get the idea that we can survive on just a cup or two of dry dog food a day? Have you ever met a lab who could fill up on such a small amount of food? (NOT). So here are a few suggestions for pulling off what I call "capers".

First, establish a state of total trust between you and your master. That's the hard part with labs as we somehow have a reputation of getting into trouble. But if you cuddle them and let them pet you and let them rub you between the toes and behind the ears, then you can indeed get their trust, it's just a matter of time. It really helps to exhibit perfect behavior for a few days before the caper is planned. That's hard to do but possible. Believe me, they will soon begin trusting you...humans can't help it.

I've successfully pulled of the famous cantaloupe caper and tuna fish casserole problem. As for implementing the caper, well my recommendation is to wait till the room is empty, or until the master(s) are distracted or asleep, so they don't notice what you're doing. Don't forget the children in the house, they can snitch on you if they see what you're doing. Don't waste your effort on a small caper because if you're busted then you're in big trouble anyway. I always wait till a big opportunity presents itself, then I make my move. With Thanksgiving food being prepared tomorrow, I've already made my plans for tomorrows caper. You see, tonight they came home with two (yes TWO) pies tonight and I think they need "taste testing". Even if you're caught, they can only stay mad for a little while....once they see your big brown eyes and your tail between your legs, they usually forgive you and the shock and awe they exhibited at what you did will fade quickly.

Being a lab is sure great. I could never get away with these capers if I were a cat or bird. They're just not smart enough. I hope this helps you and my other canine followers who might read this. And please don't let any humans read this message.

Love, Sweet, innocent Zane"

Well, have a great Thanksgiving and Johnpeers don't turn away from those pies or turkey too long! You have some brown eyes plotting and planning.

Love, Dad

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Zane said...


I love you and miss you and can't wait to hear about your adventures in Boring Oregon.

Say Hi to Claudia, Grandma and of course little Cuzzie.

"Via con canine"!