Thursday, October 30, 2008

Approved for New Locomotive!

Good evening friends and my buddy Zane,

I just got word today that I have been approved to attend the Nov/Dec class at GDB in Portland, OR. I am so EXCITED! I hope that Zane has a "brother" that is looking for work!

I just have to get my time off approved by my employer, the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and then I can make my plans to attend the class Nov. 29 through Dec. 14.

I've never been to the Boring campus, but it does not sound boring! It is supposed to be beautiful. Only about a month to go!

Zane, it sounds like your fan base is still out there and I'm glad you got your voice back.

Maybe I can fly south on the way home? Who knows.

God bless everyone! Richard


Brittany said...

How great for you! Good luck in your retrain class. The Boring campus is amazingly beautiful!

Megan, Spanky, and "F" said...

I love the boring campus it is absolutely gorgeous. Good luck in class!!

Princess Coral said...

Yay!!! Wonderful!!!
Keep up posted about the class & your new dog & all!!! By the time you leave Boring, OR, the city may change its name to "Exciting!"

Zane said...


Wow, you're coming to see me on your way back to Denver and you'll have your new locomotive with you. His first command should be "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can"! I hope Claudia can come with you. I'll tell the first family and Sayer so they can pick you up at the airport. I'm so excited.

As far as I know I don't have any brothers or sisters in training right now but they say my dog dad has been busy lately so maybe I do!

So all the passengers on the Zane Train should get ready for some good additions to the evolving Zane Train blog. Have you thought of a new or updated name for the blog yet?

Love forever,


PS: I'm doing well and am as loved as much here as I was with you. It's great having two families. Can't wait till Christmas.

Did you hear that Princess Coral wants to come visit me?

Princess Coral said...

Zane, maybe we can all visit you at the same time! I'd love to see YOU OF COURSE and your dad & his new locomotive, and your "first/current family!" Are you ready for a bunch of visitors???

Zane Train said...


I'm not sure how I will be routed from Portland back to Denver, but if it takes me through LAX, I will be there to see everyone. I look forward to seeing you again, Princess Coral, Nikki, the first family, Sayer, the whole gang.

What kind of dog do you think I should get? Do you think it should be a Yellow Lab? Or maybe a famale so you can give her kisses?

We need to plan a Class 680 reunion some time in the near future.

Zane, you inspired many people around the country. Your legacy will live on and on.

Love, Dad

Emily, Suede, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

That's great you have been approved for the next class! The Boring campus is beautiful :) Good luck, and I can't wait to hear more about it!

Lisa and Ellie said...

congrats! can't wait to hear all about your new locomotive!

Princess Coral said...

Richard, I'm all for the 680 reunion!!! Am I still included even though I wasn't there for the graduation???

Whether you get a pretty yellow or stunning black, it will be fabulous!

Zane said...


Any dog will do; just make sure it's all black and a male (inside us guide dogs are pretty much all alike). Most of all make sure he has big brown eyes like mine and that he doesn't mind sharing them.

PS: This morning Sayer and I woke up to good breakfast from Vicki, then we both got a bath, then we got groomed, then we got flea/tick stuff put on us, then some Heartguard, then we got groomed again, then we got to go outside and played keep-away with a toy. I think Gary is looking for my toothbrush. Now we're inside sleeping for a while so we can repeat most of it all over again. Retirement is great. Oh yea, I miss you.

Sure can't wait to hear some stories about your retrain class. And tell those people to route your plane back through LAX so we can all go see you. Better yet, ask them if they can arrange a lay-over (sounds like some kind of command) for a day or so in LA. Then Princess Coral could come visit too.

Finally, would I be invited to that re-union you mentioned? Sound fun and like a kind of event where they'd be giving out dog treats at will.

Say Hi to Claudia and Grandma.

Love forever.


Becky said...

Great! Congratulations ... I LOVE the Oregon campus - have been there for both my guides, Pantera & Cricket and actually will be there tomorrow for the GDB Luncheon ... Wishing you the best - Becky

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Good luck with your new partner!! The Boring campus is definitely beautiful. :)

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Zane Train said...


Good morning, my beloved Zane! It was so great to see the pictures of Gary brushing your teeth! I know how much you loved that. You have got to keep your breath tasting and smelling good for hose big, juicy licks!

Thanks Dog Tim Blog for your recognition of the Zane Train Blog. Soon, the Zane Train will be back in motion again. The Blog will crank up again after Thanksgiving!

Thanks for all the good wishes for my next locomotive. I'm really starting to get excited now.

Much love, Dad