Sunday, February 14, 2010

Suri with the fringe on top!

Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

With much love and affection, I introduce my birth mom's, so to speak, new baby! Yes, Becki has chosen to take on another puppy to raise hopefully to follow in my pawsteps. She certainly is a cutie-pie and such a cute name! My Dad keeps singing "oh what a beautifual morning and surrey with the fringo on top" and he tells me that it's from some musical called Iklahoma. OK, I get it!

But I can't believe how GDB are raising their puppies now with classical music? My Dad just keeps feeding me Country Western music when he leaves me in my kennel and I can't figure out why whenever he comes home, I just start two-stepping all over the house?

I'm excited for Becki and hope Suri grows up to be just like me!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovers out there! Miss Parka

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