Monday, July 5, 2010

Parka and Dad Discover Denver!

Good morning friends and family everywhere!

Dad had a stay-cation, which he tells me that it meant that we did not go anywhere special for aweek prior to July 4, but just decided to discover Denver together. I had no idea this would be such a work-out for me!

Dad began the week by creating a Welcome to Montview Resort & spa guide as he learned the bus routes, museum locations, hours, etc. around Denver.

Then we hit the trail on June 28 and went to lunch with Auntie Phyllis (a member of the Coors family) and got to see herbeautiful home overlooking a golf course. I could tell Dad was ready to play some golf.

Then on Tuesday, we took the bus on 17th to Colorado, then took the Colorado Bus to 3rd Avenue where my adventure began. We walked across 3rd looking for the Brass Bed and it turned out to be about 12 blocks from Colorado. Ugh, was I pooped! And it was starting to get hot, almost 90 degrees.

Dad then shopped for Mom for their 10th anniversary and we had lunch where I got a big bowel of water. Then we headed for Eccentricity which was a ladies shop with jewelry and clothing and Dad got Mom another gift!

Then we headed home and someone offered us a ride and Dad took it. Boy, am I happy about that!

The next day we walked down to 12th Street in search of a bakery which we did not find, but we found Daz Bog and Dad had a cup of coffee and sweet roll and I had a big bowl of water and slept for a while.

Then we boarded the #10 bus for downtown Denver and Dad got to 16th Streeet and we found a bank. I new that those nice young ladies inside had some biscuits for me (about 6 of them) and Dad has been handing them out every day since.

Then we went to the Denver Visitor's Bureau and Dad got a bunch of maps and pamphlets for future use. We walked down 16th to a sandwich shop where I got another big bowl of waterwhile Dad ate his lunch. We found the 17th Avenue bus and headed home. Gosh, did I need a nap.

The next couple of days we wandered around the neighborhood checking out different shops and stores, looking for a bakery, which Mom and Dad found on Saturday. And wouldn't you know it, they were out of cinna-buns!

We had abig party on July 4th in the Penthose with almost 60 people there and there was lots of good food, fireworks around the city, but it was raining cats and dogs, hmmmm, and we did not see too much!

Oh well, what a week it was. I'm ready for a nap again!

Cheers to all, love Miss Parka

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