Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mile High New Home!

Good afternoon doggies,

Well, Dad, Mom, Cuzzie and I have moved to a new high-rise resort near downtown Denver. Now we really feel like we are mile and a half high!

Our new home is called Montview and we're on the 6th floor. Our new home faces south and west and we have a nice-sized balcony on both sides to look out over our new kingdom.

Cuzzie is always checking out the 100 foot trees not far from our balcony to see if any birds or squirrels are trying to skinning up and down the tree without her permission. I just stretch out on the concrete patio and enjoy the gentle and sometimes strong breezes cool me down after long walks with Dad.

Our location is just a couple blocks from the Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo and the City Park golf course (which Dad played about 3 weeks ago with Aaron.) But what's the greatest feature is that we are just a block away from a huge lake at City Park and we've taken a walk around it just about every morning. It's a little bit more than a mile and we usually take about 30 minutes for our entire trip there and back.

Montview is a 14 story building with a penthouse on top and we've looked out over the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and the city of Denver from up there on the roof top. Dad keeps talking about the Fourth of July when he says he'll be able to see fireworks displays all over the city from there.

With the Zoo so close, we've heard lions roaring in the morning as they wake up and scream for breakfast and many exotic birds cawing their morning wake up calls to their buddies. A friend, Dennis, that walks with Dad most mornings, said he has heard elephants as well in the morning bugling their need for food!

We went to a Memorial Day hot dog and hamburger party on Saturday, but Dad did not spill much so I didn't get any crumbs this time. I did catch a few crumbs after dinner one night at the Penthouse restaurant.

Dad got a haircut on Thursday at the salon that is located in the basement and I found an ant trap that was quickly taken away from me. You guys are just no fun!

Cuzzie has gone with Dad and I on a walk around City Park and to the Pinnacle high rise condos doewn the street. Dad actually got lost event though I kept telling him which way to go, but would he listen to me? "no!"

We have a two bedroom apartment, with Dad in one office doing his business while I sleep in my cage. Mom does her business too in the Dining Room. We're getting settled in now and it's starting to feel like home again.

Cheers to everyone and I know this is a weekend to thank all the service men and women for our country so I can be a FREE guide dog! Thank you!

Cheers to everyone and stay tuned for new adventures! Miss Parka


Becky said...

Sounds like a great move and convenient to everything. Nice!

Zane said...

Hey Dad

Glad to see they finally put you into an old age home. We were all wondering when that was going to happen. I sure hope you know how to play Bingo and sing songs around the fireplace!

But how did you get Claudia in there? She seems so young?

I love you.

Dear old lovable Zane.