Sunday, February 21, 2010

Zane - the birthday boy!

  1. Dear Zane, the original Zane Train and my friends,

Zane I'm looking forward to meeting you finally!

I understand that you are almost 4 years old and I will be there to meet you and celebrate your birthday and the upcoming birthday of my Dad on March

2! Dad tells me the Johnpeers will throw quite a party on Wednesday night!

It's very exciting to be heading to Los Angeles, because I've never been there and I hear that it's a lot warmer that Denver! I saw snow in Seattle as I was growing up, but it just stays COLD here all the time.

Dad showed the picture here that Zane sent us to remind Dad to bring some birthday presents with him. Well, we had a GDB Colorado Chapter meeting on Feb. 13 and Dad bought a couple of presents for you BIG BOY!

I'm bringing some tug toys that Dad bought me for my birthday and Christmas so be ready to have a "tug-off!"

See you soon and lots of licks and puppy hugs, Miss Parka

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