Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Bunny Zane

  • Good Easter Sunday morning Zane and friends,

It seems like months since I got to meet the great Zane Train and Gary, Vicki and the Johnpeers in Los Angeles, but it's only been about five weeks! Happy Easter to everyone.

There is so much to share. As you can see in the picture, Dad got to visit Zane, his first guide dog, and I got to meet him as well. What a hunk! Zane is so mild-mannered and I'm such a wild thing! I could tell that Zane could bring a lot of balance into my life and time to "slow down and smell the roses!"

I also got to meet this young kid named Jed, who the Johnpeers are raising, and gosh he's already as big as I am. And he is fast too! And strong! We played tug a lot while I was there visiting. Zane would play sometimes, but mainly I was chasing Jed all over the place to try to take away the bone, Kong, rope tug or whatever he had, I wanted it.

It was Zane's 4th birthday party too while I was there and Kimberly got us a doggie-biscuit birthday cake and Vicki divided it up and then we sang happy birthday to Zane then devoured the cake! Yummy!

I really enjoyed my field trip to college with Gary as he taught his Earth Sciences class and Dad listened intently to learn more about glaciers and they tpes of rock formations they have left behind. Dad even got to work with the studeents to help build glacier trails out of clay. I really enjoyed all the loving from the students as they just adored me, well, they just can't help it!

Speaking of that Easter bunny, Cuzzie, my half-sister, who I live with here in Colorado, has this bunny that she likes to play with. I try to steal it from her all the time, but she gets back at me by standing over my Kong and won't let me get near it. Cuzzie has this stare that just stops me in my tracks. Ugh. She is very intimidating and has such a nasty growl. I'm just a pussy cat. I'm a lover, not a fighter, but I do like to play!

Dad and I just made a couple of whirlwind trips to Tecas, one to San Antonio to help them raise money to cure blindness at the San Antonio visionWalk which raised over $120,000 in a very tough economy! We also went to Dallas to hlep kick-off their 3rd Annual VisioinWalk on May 15 and then to Houston for their Symposium on Research Advances to almost 200 people.

On April 1, Dad and I had lunch with Ms. Phyllis Coors and it was such a delightful lunch and she gave me lots of loving as well.

Wow, I'm tired, I think it's time to take a break today. Didn't my friends at McDonald's say that too? I wish everyone a very happy Easter and a wonderful Spring!

Ruff, ruff and lots of puppy love, licks and wags to everyone, Miss Parka


Becky said...

Sweet - sounds like a delightful journey!

Zane said...

Hey Dad

Thanks for the latest update to the blog. Jed and I sure had fun seeing you again a couple weeks ago when you came to LA for that meeting. Gosh, you sure are busy. About the only time you weren't talking on your cell was when you were in Gary's geology class at Cerritos college where he has a "no cell phone rule". I think you were the only one that obeyed the rule though!

Parka is everything you said she would be. She has such a great personality and seemed to fit right into our crazy household. Becky sure did a great job socializing her and I sure hope some day I get to meet her too. Yes, Jed did keep Parka busy and so did I but Jed is still such a pup compared to Parka and me (we're pretty darn grown up and have been around the block, so to speak. We're much more sophisticated compared to him).

I sure hope it's starting to warm up in Colorado. I sure don't miss that snow and slush and cold on my tender bare feet but I do miss living with you and Claudia and Cuzzie.

I gotta go now because I just ate and I think might need to go use the grass!

Love ya,

Your pal,

Dear sweet loveable ZANE

Zane Train II - The Parka Express said...


Hi, this is Zane! So good to hear from yo again! I enjoyed meeting you in Salt Lake City and I guess that's been a couple of years! Dad tells me that you have your 2nd VisionWalk soon so goo luck and raise lots of money so you and Dad can see me much better!

Zane, thanks for sharing about my visit to see you BIG BOY! You are so handsome! If I only lived a little closer to you, I'd be chasing you around the park.

Jed sure is a good-looking kid and full of energy. I loved playing TUG with him and then trying to steal the Kong and bone from you, Mr. Zane!

Come visit us in Colorado soon, as it's warming up nicely now and will be a beautiful stroll through the mountains!

Rots or Rove and licks, Miss Parka