Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Note from Zane

Dear Dad,

Gosh, life here with the "first family" is sure easy!

So far they haven't even made me work for my food . . . how about that! And I still get lots of "good boys" for doing simple things like sitting and going down. Why weren't you that easy on me?

They have another lab puppy in training (black like me) that wants to play tug-of-war all the time which is so fun. His name is Sayer. He gets recalled in a couple of months so then I'll have full control of this house.
Well, to be honest, I do have some concerns. You see, for some reason, Sayer gets to go everywhere with Gary and during those short periods of time, I have to stay home and "guard the house". I guess this must be a bad neighborhood or something so for now that seems to be my main job. They said it was an important job, too.

You and I used to go to so many places and I miss that so much. I also miss laying by your desk at the office and listening to all the people talk about how handsome I am (and I still am!).

I miss the trips to the groomer (they must be poor here because they groom me themselves).

I miss Claudia and Grandma and of course, little Cuzzie. Tell them I love them.

I miss the trips to the airport which took us to so many strange places. But most of all Dad, I just miss you. And I can't wait till the day comes that you can visit me in sunny southern California.
I worry about you, Dad, but they tell me you're doing well and seeking a replacement guide dog and that should happen soon. I hope his eyes are as brown and as big and as loving as mine. B

Boy that dog sure has some exciting times ahead, doesn't he (she?).
Gary has been sending you pictures of me but please send some of you and my Colorado family.

But there's no need to send any pictures of that cold fluffy stuff you called "snow"! To me it just seemed like frozen slush but I never wanted to tell you that because you seemed to like it so much. You try walking around in bare feet and you'll see what I mean.
Well, I must sign off now, Dad, because Gary is over by the freezer and it's time for my morning ice cube! Retirement can be rough at times.


Princess Coral said...

Dear Zane,

So nice to hear from you again! Happy that you're having a good time with your first family! Wow! you guard the house!!! Cool! Bet you have tons of playtime too!!! Is Sayer nice to you? I wish you could come to my house and teach Banzai some lesson. He wouldn't listen to a girl, but a handsome black dog like you would make him behave!!!

Love & wags,

Your Princess

Zane said...

Princes Coral

Stop by and see me some time when you're in the neighborhood. I'd sure like to meet you and the "first family". They're great. And thanks for staying in such close contact the past year or so. I've loved all your messages. Well, it's nap time again so goodbye.

Oh yea, Sayer is indeed nice to me but he can be a pest at see, he's still a puppy as to compared to me (very mature, proper, and all grown up). But he sure is fun to play with and he's the first up in the morning to come rattle my crate (about 5:00 AM). Usually, just after that, the humans in the house also start to awake, sometimes a bit grumpy...can't figure out why.


Princess Coral said...

Zane, you're so lucky to have early rising humans around!!! My humans are lazy... They don't get up till something like 6:30 or 7:00am!!! Then they have to do their thing before fixing up my breakfast.