Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wanted: New Locomotive!

Good morning,

As many of you know, the leader of the Zane Train is being sent back to his original home depot. Zane must not have been able to handle the stress of guide work. Even though I will miss Zane terribly, I have to move on and find a new locomotive to get the Zane Train moving again.

I have made application to GDB for a new guide dog. I have completed my medical physical and I am now in the qeue to be reviewed for a new dog. My first choice would be in-home training, but there is a long waiting list for in-home training and this requires a great match of dog to handler.

Therefore, I have requested first available spot which is currently Boring, OR in the Nov/Dec class. My first class was the same time frame in San Rafael last year. It is hard to imagine that I would already by a "retrain" student, but that's where I am and I look forward to getting approved for class ASAP.

I request that all my friends out there, keep praying and sending positive energy for me to be approved for the next class because I really look forward to having a guide dog. They really make a difference for me!

Zane is currently staying at a foster home in the San Rafael area until the puppy truck picks him up on Oct. 24 to return him to Beea, CA to go back home to the Johnpeers. They are so excited to have him back and I am glad that he going where he is LOVED very much.

All the best to everyone, love, Richard


Princess Coral said...

Praying so the acceptance email is waiting for you in your inbox very soon! There is a big chance that you will meet your new dog on Thanksgiving Day??? That was neat last year! I'm also happy to hear that Zane is with a foster family, not in a kennal.

Best wishes,

Your Princess & her fuman

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

I'm glad that you're on your way to finding a new partner! Good luck! :)

Emily, Suede, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

That's great you've decided to get another guide! I hope you will be approved for this next class and can start your adventures all over again.

dot dill said...

I've followed your "Zane Train" saga. I'm so sorry that Zane was retired for stress and anxiety of undetermined origin. I know there will be a wonderful new guide awaiting you and you will build a new relationship with that dog as well. Zane will always be special because he was your first. I'm a puppy raiser and leader in Denver. We might just run into each other sometime. I have a wonderful MYL back in training in SR, he's in phase 8. Puppy number #13 arrived about two weeks ago and is sleeping at my feet. Lindberg is doing great, sleeping and relieving like a pro.

dot dill in denver

Zane Train said...


It is so great to meet a puppy raiser in Colorado. You are such special people that raise these remarkable animals. I have learned so much about the puppy raising process and then the phases of training. It would be really amazing if I was able to get one of your dogs.

You are on #13, Wow! That is amazing how committed you are to creating such special partners for people like me. I really appreciate what you do.

Bring your puppy to a Denver FFB Chapter meeting which will be this weekend in downtown Denver. Some others with dogs may also be there.

All the best to you for what you do.

Best regards, Richard

Zane Train said...

Coral, Kelsey, emily,

Thank you so much for your encouragement and commitment to my getting approved to get a new dog. I am really excited as I wait to hear if I have been approved.

I so look forward to having a new partner to help make my life so much easier. I really miss having that partnership that Zane and I enjoyed so much.

I groomed my peek-a-poo, Cuzzie, this weekend, using the Zane Train tools. She looks so great too, but it brought back all the grooming that I did with Zane all the time.

Thanks for your love and support,