Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Zane Train Part 7: One Year Under My Fur

Happy Birthday!

On February 23, 2007, I became one year old. I was getting very used to my routine. I had grown a lot and now, as a 60-pound dog, I had outgrown a couple of Gary’s old cars. I weigh 65 1/2 pounds today, at 2-1/2 years old, so I'm still a lean and mean loving machine!

I could no longer fit into Gary's 1928 Model A Ford. Dad even got to drive that old car around the neighborhood. Amazing!

Even the front floor of the old Jeep that Gary uses so much was getting hard for me to get into but with some wiggling and adjusting, I still could. Today Mom's Subaru, she put a nice pillow on the floor that really gives me a comfy ride for long trips.

On weekends, I usually road around in the old Cadillac. In early Spring, I got to go to a “Fun Day” at Disney Adventure in Anaheim. There were about 75 other guide dog puppies there and it was a time for me to be compared to them. Can you believe people get so nutzo over a Mouse?! I know a cat that would love that mouse.

Overall, I did well, but I did eat some scraps off the floor at a restaurant where we were being observed by a dog trainer. There were a number of other exercises that day and I did well at most. Gary’s greatest wish was that I succeed in my training after I am recalled sometime in the summer of 2007.

I'm one year old now and really getting my wheels under me. It won't be long before I will be going to "college." I now know that all the training and exercises that Gary put me through was well worth it.

I really want to thank the Johnpeers for their dedication and support. Everyone who does puppy raising knows how important it is. But do you understand HOW important?

Maintaining the tough discipline that really kept me, a wild Black Lab, under control and well-behaved, was extremely important. Some people may have thought they were being TOO TOUGH, but that's not true.

I need to listen to my partner when he barks out a command and respond appropriately. I may even have to "disobey" them to keep my partner safe. I can do that because I am SO well trained by my puppy raisers.

Thanks again Gary and Vicki for providing insights from the days I spent with you. Thanks for making me such a well-disciplined and effective guide dog.

Now back to the birthday cake. Yum, banana cake, don't tell anyone!


Chief Engineer of the Zane Train

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