Monday, July 7, 2008

Zane Train Part 5: Flying & Sundaze Adventures

Happy work week to all,

I hear Mom & Dad call Sunday a day of rest. That sounds good to me! The airport and church are two of my other favorite places to go. Let me tell you a bit about both.

Gary's oldest daughter, Katie, is a pilot and likes to fly her small airplane around southern California. I was given permission to go on some of her flights.

Wah Hoo! Flying! They strapped me into the back seat (no room on the floor of an airplane especially since by now I’m about 40 pounds.) See my picture above with Gary?

I can vividly remember the roar of the engine and the vibration of the airframe which seems to make me a little anxious, but . . . soon I go to sleep . . . zzzzzzzzzzz

Don’t ask me how many times I’ve flown or where I’ve been. I guess I just slept through it all. Now, at 2+ years old, I have flown about 14 times with Dad to LA, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Houston and some more than once.

When I fly with Dad, we get to sit on the first row of the airplane's cabin and are usually the first ones to board. There is lots of room to lay on the floor for me and I usually get lots of belly rubs from the other passengers.

I really don't like the take-offs and landings. When we're going up and coming back down, there are usually lots of bumps, especially landing in Denver so close to the Rocky Mountains! When I get anxious, I just put my head in Dad's lap and he comforts me.

What great fun! I have asked to set up my own “frequent flyer account,” because I hear this commercial on TV, “now you are free to move about the country.” That’s what I want - freedom to explore the world!

Sundays are rest days. Church was introduced to me when I was about 6-months old. I squeaked a lot in a high pitch voice and needed several “corrections” to keep me quiet. (A correction for a puppy in training was a quick yank on my leash, followed by a stern look from Gary or Vicki.)

My fussing didn’t seem to really make much difference with either of them, and I usually fell to sleep after about 20 minutes . . . zzzzzzzzzzzz (I think you get the picture by now - I just LOVE to take naps, and I can do it almost anywhere!)

Later, after the sermon, the Pastor and some of the congregation members admitted that they could hear my squeaking, but it didn’t really bother them that much. Seems my noises were especially noticed during times of quiet prayer and meditation.

The Pastor later joked that I probably wasn’t the only one that slept through his sermons! (I think you get the picture by now - I just LOVE to take naps, and I can do it almost anywhere!)

This church is in Fullerton where there are many hundreds of people in attendance each Sunday. Church is really just a good time to sleep for me. Sometimes, I even see Gary dozing off. I enjoy Church a lot and it seems the whole family does too.

Enjoy your week!

I'm back to work, too.


Princess Coral said...

Hi Zane,

I like church too! The one I go is a big church with lots & lots of people!!! They have live music, and the minister is very amusing. I usually sleep through the whole thing like you.

I'm not quite sure about the airplane yet. You know, I'm a Northern CA girl. The only time I flew so far is when I came to San Diego, but I was in a crate in a cargo area! Loud, boring & scary at the same time... Nikki seems to love flying, so maybe I'll have more chance to fly soon! I'll decide if I like it or not then:)

Zane Train said...

My Princess,

Yes, we love those Sundaze. Great way to get a few more Zzzzz's, if you know what I mean.

Let me take you flying girl. It's lots of fun once we get off the round. Lots of belly rubs and ood lovin' from all those cute flight attendants.

But they don't hold a candle to you!

Barkin' up your tree, Zane

Anonymous said...

Hi Zane,
Sayers, our newest guidedog puppy of nine months, Gary and I went to church on Sunday. We said a prayer for you, Richard and Claudia. We wish you could have been with us.
I'm glad you remembered when you went to church with us. You loved the music, but could do without the clapping. You would always be so patient and quiet.
Well, Sayers was a little wigglely yesterday and climbed forward and snuggled close to the people in front of us. They jumped a little at first, not knowing what touched them. But, they soon laughed and let Sayers lay next to them too.
You would like Sayers, Zane. He is getting taller, wiser. He reminds us of YOU because he's so smart and loving. I hope someday you get to meet him. You both would love to play Kong together.
If you ever get to come to Brea, California again, maybe you, Richard, Claudia, Gary, Katie, Kim, Sayers and I can go to church together.

Keep writing!
Your Brea Mama, Vicki