Sunday, July 6, 2008

Zane Train Part 4: Field Trips & College Classes

Happy 4th of July weekend,

I know I'm a little late with this wish, but Mom & Dad took me out of town to the mountains and with no internet, I could not share any more of my puppy raising experiences.

But I'm back now, so Happy 4th of July weekend! I even attended a fireworks extravaganza in Idaho Springs and it was awesome! I slept through most of it, but everyone else was yelling and screaming, ooohing and ahhhhing, so it must have been good.

Mom says the MOST exciting part was when they set the woods on fire - we never heard any more about that on the news, so we think that the Idaho Springs Fire Company was able to put it out before the forest went up in smoke.

When I was about 5 months old, Gary took me to his work for the first time. His work is a strange mix of what he calls “geologic investigation” mixed with a bunch of office work that he does right at home. He also takes me to classes that he teaches at several nearby colleges. But I really enjoyed the field work the best.

It was fun to ride in his Jeep (one of his five cars) on the freeways and back roads. I feel pretty special because none of the other dogs get to go with us. The equipment operators in the field liked me a lot and took time now and then to pet me. Gary won’t let them give me any treats, but he did let them love me up.(See the picture above - Gary & I are on site and on the job! "Macho, Macho Men!")

At the college classes, I must lie quietly while he lectures. I'm not saying he was boring, but I did get plenty of sleep. . . . zzzzzzzzzz.

Fortunately, Gary brought me a throw-rug to sleep on since most of the campus floors are hard and cold and his classes last about three hours.

I liked being with Gary while he taught, but I must admit this geologic stuff is boring to a dog! He gave me short walks during breaks in the class so I could go outside, check some p-mail, and do my business. He was so proud that I never had an “accident” in class.

Oops, I just remembered a story. One time, I threw up a bunch of food under a student’s chair, the night Gary showed a video, shot from an airplane, about the Grand Canyon. Well, can you blame me? That’s a mighty big rut in the road and that plane ride made me sick!

I soon settled into a routine of getting fed and walked each morning and getting a ride either to a college or to a field location where Gary would study lots of dirt and rocks. I thought only dogs liked checking p-mail?

Days are sometimes long with plenty of visits to drive through restaurants, car parts stores (got to keep his old cars running), grocery stores and more. I go everywhere with him.

I got to go to Cal Poly Pomona one day with the youngest daughter, Kim. Her professor had a guide dog that experienced a career change. That means they will lead a different path than being a guide dog. The professor still brings the dog to his class and he looked forward to meeting me. It was a fun day for me and Kim.

As you can see, I have had many adventures as I grew up in Berea, CA. This taught me a lot about being around noisy equipment, large crowds of people and being still for long periods of time. I really enjoyed these adventures and thank Gary so much for sharing them with me.

Here's wishing firewords in all your lives!

Big licks,


Anonymous said...

Hi Zane,
I love reading your newzy blogs. I always knew you were smart. When did you learn to write? You remember everything. I'm so proud of you.

You're soft brown eyes still melt my heart away. I'm glad you remember us in Brea. I loved having you lay next to me every day by my desk. Now, you get to melt Claudia's and Richard's heart too, with your gentle ways.

I'm glad you like to play KONG, and that you and Cuzzie are friends. Sayers would love to play too if you were here. He's nine months old, and he reminds me of YOU!

Give licks and hugs to Claudia and Richard for me. Tell them thank you for letting you write the Zane Train. You're amazing!

Licks, hugs and kisses,

PS Please don't chew any more socks.

The Rowdy Girl said...

Hi Vicki!

This is Zane's NEW mom, Claudia.

It's easy to hear how much you just love our "boy" Zane. And I know what you mean about having him beside you at your desk - I get to have him next to me (rarely!) when Richard is off somewhere that he can't take Zane, like playing golf.

He is just the sweetest animal I have ever known, and I credit you and Gary for raising him with such love and affection that all that natural warm Lab personality just pours out of him.

Zane is a people magnet - all kinds of people want to love him up and pet him wherever he goes. He's a great ice-breaker for Richard in his job!

We hope you and Gary can come to visit us sometime here in Denver. In the meantime, know that we thank the two of you everyday for the incredible puppy raiser job you did with Zane, and are grateful to have him as part of our family.

Much love to all the Johnpeers, Claudia

Zane Train said...

Miss Vicki,

So good to hear from you. I was beginning to wonder if you have had a chance to read my work.

You don't know where I learned to write? Don't you recall all those nights that I slept under your desk? I was not sleeping, you know. I was absorbing all the writing skills that you were doing.

Plus Gary talks ALL The time so I just talk a LOT like him. He is a professor at college and I was taking those tests too. I knew the answers too. I'm just a BLOCK off the old CHIP.

My brown eyes have melted quite a few hearts. Dad gets a kick out of all the attention I get. I know he's trying to always transfer his face to mine, getting all those kisses!

I miss you Mom, I mean Miss Vicki. You took such good care of me.

Thanks for sharing, Lots of kisses and hugs, Zane

Zane Train said...

Edited to add Jessica Drew comments

Hi Richard (and Zane),

So nice to hear from you! Sounds like you had a great 4th of July
weekend. I didn't have any plans so I relaxed at home and prepared for my follow up trip. I'm in PA right now visiting graduates. I will look over the questions when I have the time- it may not be until next week depending on how busy we get. Say hi to Zane for me and have a great


Anonymous said...

Dear Claudia,
You're the BEST MAMA Zane could ever have! I'm glad Zane softens your heart like he did mine. Give him BIG hugs and kisses from me.

Contented and thankful,

Anonymous said...

Dear Zane,
I like my new name that you gave me. Miss Vicki sounds just right.

I'm amazed how you were able to learn how to read and write. Do you mean that when you put your paw on my foot, I transmitted brain waves to you - that gave you the ability to read and write? Wow Zane! Do you think Sayers can learn to read and write too? Or, are you the only dog able to understand human dialogue? I hope you can help me solve this mystery.

Miss Vicki