Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Great Scott-ie! Fireworks Weekend Buddy

Light me up, Scottie!

This past weekend, Mom, Dad and I spent four days at the Bears Inn, a very special bed & breakfast in the mountains at 8,000 feet in Evergreen, Colorado. To my surprise, when we walked inside, there was this feisty little, very soft, wiry-haired Scottie dog.

Guess what his name was? Scottie!

So right away I was ready to draw on some re-runs that I have seen Dad watch of Star Trek, and I was ready to say, "Beam me up, Scottie!"

It was fun to joust with one another and run around the big dining area, outside on the patio and one time we were leashed together and I got to drag him around the back patio. What a feeling of power!

One time, Scottie found a live bird and, after a few moments, it was a dead bird. He brought it to me to show me his catch.

I immediately picked it up and took it to Dad to show him MY prize! Dad was disgusted, Mom grabbed it and disposed of it. They are just no fun.

Scottie really misses me since we left on Sunday. Vicki, the owner of the Inn, sent Mom an e-mail the day after we left.

"Scottie waited outside the Wildflower (our room) the other morning in hopes of seeing Zane. Please let him know Scottie misses his new friend."

Then again yesterday . . .

"This is the third morning in a row that Scottie has checked for Zane first thing in the morning!"

I had such fun with Scottie and can't wait to go back and play with him again.

The vacation was great: watching the fireworks in Idaho Springs . . . well, I slept through that. . . but it was fun being at the musical concert in the Evergreen Park . . . well, slept through most of that, too . . .

I just LOVE being around people, even strangers. Why? Because of all the people that came by to love me up. That's what I love! Mom says I'm a real people magnet.

Scottie, until we meet again, lots of big licks and tail sniffs!


Here's the web address for the Bears Inn, which I HIGHLY recommend:


Emily and Suede said...

Sounds like a fun time! Hope you get to see Scottie again soon!

Zane Train said...


You should have seen that little wiry dog. He had a lot of spunk. And I thought spunks had a couple white stripes down their back? And he did not stink either?

Oh well, we did have FUN and it was a great vacation for me too!

Suede thanks for encouraging me!

Big licks, Zane